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John Wallin
Jun 27, 2022
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The Best Poker Content This Week
Image: Daniel Negreanu WSOP 2022 Vlog
June 27, 2022

Poker isn't just a game, and it isn't quite a lifestyle. For some of us it's the best way to unwind after a tough week at work. For some of us it *is* a tough week at work! However you enjoy poker - Texas Hold'em or other games, live or online poker - there's plenty of poker content to keep you entertained, help you hone your game, of find a new life hack to keep your time at the tables healthy fun and productive.

Rec Poker Chats: Brad Wilson

This week we're shouting out our friends at Rec Poker. Jim and the team there put out excellent podcasts regularly, but this recent interview of Brad WIlson just blessed the timeline this week, so we're counting it as new!

In the episode there is plenty of good stuff but we're particularly calling out 29:17 Getting an edge amongst the best other players and 39:07 Common errors recreational players make in their game.

5 Signs That Indicate Strength in Your Poker Opponents

Not every post will be new, but there is always space for top tier content. This one is from Card Player Lifestyle dates back to 2017, but 5 Signs That Indicate Strength in Your Poker Opponents is an all timer.

Most of these are meant to be tells for live poker, but Fun Country's live online poker tables offer the same opportunity to observe behavior and capitalize when you recognize a weak player or consistent tell.

When you see someone betting at once or even snap shoving, they are likely to have a very strong holding. Most of the time when this happens, the player has already made their decision of how they’ll act regardless of whatever cards come. Therefore, if someone shoves on the river at the same second when it shows up, it is likely your opponent already had that move planned. It’s relatively rare to be bluffing in such a scenario.

Snap betting really comes into play with online Texas Hold'em where you can preselect a betting action or use hotkeys to bet even faster with your keyboard than you could in a casino. But not every action at a live poker table translates directly to online poker.

The same goes for when your opponent looks directly at you or even stares right into your eyes. It is unnatural to do such a thing if you are bluffing because you want to hide weakness from your opponent. Therefore, when your opponent appears very confident via a direct stare, this is usually not a good sign.

At a live video poker table, it is very likely that your opponent will have preferences for Video On/Off, for keeping themselves muted or for looking at their cards vs at the camera. There isn't the same opportunity to 'stare you in the eyes' but you can slyly determine when they're watching your video vs. when they're paying little attention to anything but their own cards. If you get a good read that the opponents action doesn't matter in their decision making, you may be able to put them on a strong hand, or at least narrow the range of potential hands they are playing.

Greg Goes All In On A Date

Greg's video content is always exceptional, but when he went to ask Veronica Brill (aka @angry_polak) out on a date, the two really hit it off, but where did it end?

Veronica was also playing in the WSOP Tag Team even with K.L. Cleeton and both of their Twitter's are must follow account. Follow the two of them and Greg.

5 Tips To Managing Your Poker Banroll

While Fun Country is free to play, and is a non-gambling site, we know a lot of our players also enjoy playing for stakes in their poker home games or live casino poker.

This article on poker bankroll management by Ivan Potocki is very good for players at all levels of experience. The key takeaway from Ivan's article is as applicable to real money games, play money games, buying a house or picking a Solana NFT project to degen.

There are different bankroll management rules and suggestions out there, but the basic premise is that you should always give yourself plenty of room to live through even the worst stretches of bad variance.
This means having at least 40–50 buy-ins for cash games and 80–100 buy-ins for tournaments, and, believe it or not, this is not a conservative approach. In fact, if you stick to the lower end of those ranges, some might even call it a bit reckless.
The decision will also depend on the kind of games you play and how big your advantage over the field is. If you mostly play soft live games, you probably don’t need as much of a safety net as you do if you plan on taking on mid-range online poker tournaments.

You should never let fear of embarrassment that you don't have the bankroll push you to play at a table where your experience or your bankroll are outmatched. Playing at stakes that you can support affords you the opportunity to play your best poker. If you're under the gun, short stacked and feeling pressure from the moment you get dealt in you are unlikely to have a successful session. Even worse, those negative experiences will immediately, and perhaps permanently, detract from your enjoyment of Texas Hold'em.

Kid Poker Goes Off

We weren't going to leave today's post without linking to Daniel Negreanu's most recent vlog following this dramatic and unfortunate exit from the $250K buy-in highroller event at this year's World Series of Poker. Negreanu was well ahead in the pot before his opponent hit runner-runner to take a massive pot off Daniel, sending him to the rail (but not before he sent his selfie stick there first).

Keeping your emotions bottled up isn't going to lead to anything great. That said, directing your emotional outbursts at yourself, is a far better outcome than directing tirades at other players at the table. Don't be afraid to feel things at the table, be aware of your emotions, keep yourself on an even keel whenever possible. But if you're feeling the emotions, feel them. "Be human" is some great poker advice.

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