Play poker & other games with your community!

Fun Country is based on the idea that games are the building block for any well-run community.

Build community through timeless games

Fun Country offers real-time games, starting with poker.

Set up games with your custom preferences, connect with your community on live video or with NFT avatars, and collect prizes via your linked Solana wallet.

Connections build communities

You play games in real time, with real people, and get real reactions. Make connections on video or by sharing your favorite PFP.

Competition promotes engagement

Keep your community coming back for more. Our leaderboards track stats over time, fueling friendly competition among members.

built for community managers

Quality engagement, simplified

  • Integrated Discord authentication keeps your games secure.
  • Share & promote your latest projects with NFT PFPs displayed in-game and throughout the site.
  • Automate rewards, achievements, and giveaways to keep your community engaged.

Changing the game for NFT communities

"By far the best experience I’ve had with online poker in the 10 years I have played the game. Not your typical generic poker platform; if you want a fun and engaging platform Fun Country is the platform. They are changing how you interact while playing online poker and I love it." 

Xin Dragons - X Labs

"I’ve run community poker events using other platforms in the past, but Fun Country was on a different level. Instead of the event feeling like a solitary experience, I left our first Fun Country game with sore cheeks from smiling so much. The software is smooth & it allows you to get to know the people behind the profile pictures. I can’t wait for our next game & to see what else Fun Country has up their sleeve."

Soul Dogs

"Best social poker app I've used by far. Everything works smoothly. Voice and the camera have seamless integration. I love NFTs and Discord integrations. Best of all is 100% free and super easy to set up and use. Can’t wait to see and play with all the new features they are developing. As Nezumis we found a new home for our poker games on Fun Country."

host poker night here

A modern poker UI

Fun Country's poker experience has been shaped by our community, including owners and moderators of some of the most engaged projects.

Our investors

Top gaming investors see the opportunity.

Justin Waldron
Co-founder, Zynga
Jesse Janosov
GM, Xbox Community
Justin Kan
Founder, Twitch
Kyle Samani
Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital
Jung Suh
CBO, Mythical Games
Michael Carter
Founder, Playco
Game night is back

Bringing community together through games

  • Fun Country games are a unique opportunity to engage with your audience. By simply playing, new video content is generated, helping to reduce the content treadmill.
  • Designed to create evergreen engagement within your community; once introduced it will reinforce the community you’ve built forever.
  • Played with video-on and in real-time, with formats supporting hundreds or thousands of players at once.
Weekly community games

Play poker, win prizes.

Connect with other communities, win exclusive NFTs and tokens, and make new friends during our weekly community games. Join our Discord to participate!

Multi-Table Tournaments

Bring the whole community together with large format games.

Create a group and start playing poker with your community today!