Our mission is to strengthen connections among distributed teams through fun and play

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Elevate your team culture and bring your team together, from wherever, whenever.

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Where remote coworkers turn into friends

Connection first. Play second.

Sure, competition is fun, but the goal of any Fun Country activity is to foster deeper connection among team members.

Anyone can host, no special skills required.

Fun Country activities can be run by any team member, allowing coworkers to get together for an ad-hoc game whenever schedules allow.

Hang out outside of the Zoom "office".

Just like you would never have a happy hour in the conference room, Fun Country is your meetup spot that feels like you are out of the building.

Image of employees playing a FunCountry game virtually

The Fun Country Story

Fun Country was born out of the frustration of a group of friends who couldn't play their favorite games together due to Covid. We tried to move our game nights online, but the options available were subpar. A clunky Zoom call on one screen and a poorly-made game on another minimized window just wasn't cutting it. We built the product we wanted for ourselves. Soon after, there emerged demand from our virtual colleagues who were thirsty for a better way to connect with their team members in a way that wasn't just another de-energizing Zoom meeting. With that, Fun Country was born.

The founding team has worked together on various projects over the last decade. Our team is passionate about creating an inclusive environment where everyone can connect and have fun. We offer a wide range of games and activities for teams, and we're constantly expanding our offerings to ensure the experience keeps getting better.

At Fun Country, we believe that playing together is the best way to build lasting connections and promote positive team dynamics. So, if you're looking for a high-quality social experience that's all about fun and teamwork, we’re excited to hear what you think.

What teams are saying

Image of Jamy Conrad who gave a testimonial about FunCountry
“Fun Country doesn’t even compare to what I’ve done in the past. There’s so much more engagement and banter than the other virtual activities we have tried.”

Jamy Conrad

Sr. Director of People, TrustRadius

Image of Steven Bustein who gave a testimonial about FunCountry
"Our weekly 30-min team coffee talk over Zoom has taken a new buzz and feel after moving it over to Fun Country."

Steven Blustein


Image of Susana who gave a testimonial about FunCountry
"We try to break down silos wherever possible. In a remote world, the sales team knows their own team but they don’t know the engineering team. Fun Country helps to break down these team silos."

Susana Lugo

People & Culture Coordinator, CareerPlug