Perfect Pair Podcast with Ben Deach

How does the morning news, a passing interest in televised poker and a penchant for sports casting turn into a career in poker? Tune in to find out.

John Wallin
Aug 28, 2022
 minutes to read
Perfect Pair Podcast with Ben Deach
August 28, 2022

Ace is back heads-up, this time with Ben Deach. If you’re into live cash game action, you might already be one of Ben’s 30K YouTube audience. Despite his experience podcasting and at the tables, Deach had never recorded a show playing heads-up, live! In a *first time for everything* style podcast, Ben goes back to 2018 and the start of his vlogging career, being up for a morning anchor job with the local news station, and changing his life through poker.

As always, you can can watch the full podcast here

Or skip ahead to the best bits: 00:32 Journey into poker and vlogging } 11:20 Full time vs. part time poker career | 19:25 Crazy hands and stories | 25:00 Future plans and aspirations for poker and vlogging.

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