Perfect Pair Poker Podcast: So Rude Poker

Ace chats with Adam, from So Rude Poker. Adam talks about his poker and content creation journey, his biggest win/loss, cool stories with poker pros, and his view on the poker communities.

John Wallin
Jun 22, 2022
 minutes to read
Perfect Pair Poker Podcast: So Rude Poker
June 22, 2022

Adam from So Rude Poker is a character. We mean that in the best possible way. A big poker personality that is focused on the fun - but hey, who doesn't like to win along the way?

In this episode Ace and Adam discuss poker, Phil Ivey's table presence and playing against Brian Altman.

00:18 Journey into the game of poker

1:18 Vlogging journey and content creation

4:00 Is poker content creation the right thing for me?

6:50 Biggest winning and losing days

7:55 Adam's poker celebrity stories

10:50 Future aspirations for Adam and his Vlog

13:14 General vibe of the poker community

With a main goal of winning the Main Event, there's nothing but upside ahead.


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