Perfect Pair Poker Podcast Jim from Rec.Poker

Ace sits down with Rec.Poker's Jim, who joined the organization as a Premium member in 2019. Now he is heavily involved in ensuring this recreational organization continues on it's mission.

John Wallin
Jun 29, 2022
 minutes to read
Perfect Pair Poker Podcast Jim from Rec.Poker
June 29, 2022

Rec.Poker is a great resource for players at all levels, but specifically caters to providing professional insight for recreational players. In Episode 3 of Perfect Pair Poker Podcast. Rec.Poker is unique in that they hold the middle ground between the experienced, professional players and the most inexperienced, novice players.

Translating and curating poker knowledge for new player is one of the foremost goals of Rec.Poker, and Jim provides key insight into the development, growth and goals as they move forward with increased free learning opportunities.

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00:14 Jim's Introduction

02:13 Poker's Connection with Chess

03:44 The Good Old Question: Cash or Tournament?

05:45 Biggest Wins and Losses in Cash Games

09:40 Poker Celebrity Encounters

10:41 History of Rec.Poker and Community Building

15:09 Jim's Bucket List - Major Event Final Table

16:11 Live Poker Atmosphere & Good Vibes

20:03  Jim Pulled an UNO Reverse - Excitement of Poker for Ace

22:53 Chatting About Skillsets in Poker

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