Perfect Pair Podcast with Crypto Rich

Ace chats with CryptoRich from Cryptonians about picking the right blockchain, starting a project and feeling at home in the crypto space.

John Wallin
Aug 19, 2022
 minutes to read
Perfect Pair Podcast with Crypto Rich
August 19, 2022

Ace goes heads up against Cryptonians' own CryptoRich.

In a free ranging discussion of his path with NFTS, CyptoRich is quick to highlight Solana's inexpensive transaction cost and the recent growth of the projects trusting Solana leading to increased on-chain development. Rich and Cryptonians are now turning their attention to making a home for their community within the NFT space. The community supports the project by turning out for their poker games, raids and support slow, sustained organic growth.

The full rundown includes:

00:30 Introduction | 04:40 What made Cryptonians choose Solana? | 05:45 How did CryptoRich get into NFTs and starting a project? | 11:00 Finding a home in the Crypto space | 13:00 Roadmaps and ideas for the future | 18:05 Crypto communities hosting games on Fun Country

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