How To Play Live Online Video Poker

Hosting live online video poker has never been this easy. Quick create your own online home game, invite your friends and play No Limit Texas Hold'em any time. Your table, your friends and family, any time you want.

John Wallin
Jun 1, 2022
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How To Play Live Online Video Poker
June 1, 2022

Welcome to Fun Country, the video-first social poker experience. If this is your first time using Fun Country, these are the easy steps for hosting your own game!

1. Create a group at

2. Invite players to the group using the Invite options on the left of your screen. Poker is better with friends! (oh, right, we wrote that in there already)

3. Create a game -Currently you can create single table cash or Sit'n'Go games. You can allow rebuys and select your blind speed.

You'll also have the ability to set the game as recurring, so your weekly game will only need to be created once. Then just turn up, same time, same place.

4. Your invites join the game, which will appear as the Current game in the top right corner. That’s it! Time to shuffle up and deal.

Actually, there is one more thing...

Game hosts and players can all receive NFTs for hosting and participating in Fun Country Poker games. While the NLHE experiences are free to use, that doesn't mean you shouldn't win prizes. Everyone loves prizes.

We want to reward our earliest supporters, so our early adopters (our Citizens, welcome!) are eligible to receive exclusive tokens and NFTs. Make sure to connect your Solana wallet to start earning rewards!

To connect your wallet, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the group homepage. Select Settings, and locate Connect wallet at the bottom of that page.

Your 🙋|feedback-ideas are key to developing Fun Country into the best NLHE home game experience. We are still in alpha and love your feedback at the table during community games (games hosted by the Team), via our Discord #feedback-ideas channel, and you can also have players fill out this short feedback form.

This is the ONLY external link we will provide for feedback and we will not ever send a feedback link via DM on Discord.

Experience Fun Country's team engagement platform today!