4/15/22 Release: All-in on betting controls, Pre-pause, Stand up, and more!

Didn’t we say we were only fixing bugs for now? We lied.

Marianne Chronister
Apr 15, 2022
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4/15/22 Release: All-in on betting controls, Pre-pause, Stand up, and more!
April 15, 2022

😍 All-in on betting controls

Betting controls have been completely redesigned with an updated look and feel that will be more familiar to experienced poker players. The screen positioning of the betting controls has moved to the bottom right, rather than bottom center. (Psst…this design change creates more room for larger hole cards…coming soon!)

We’ve also added the ability to pre-set your action before your next turn (check, check/fold, or fold). This helps the game move along more efficiently while you sit back, relax, and catch up with your friends (at least until your next turn!).

👀 Show me yours and I’ll show you mine

Now you can show your cards your way: both together, just one, or one at a time. It’s also easier to tell which cards you are choosing to show, as “left” and “right” have been replaced with the actual cards in your hand. Just don’t be a tease!

⏸️ BRB: Pause after this hand

Previously, the game pause button was only actionable between hands (so, a very small window of time!). Now, you can click the pause button in the top right corner at any point to queue up a pause before the next hand starts. You’ll see a message in the activity feed confirming the upcoming pause.

🧍 Stand up and stretch your legs!

Good news: you’re no longer glued to your seat once you sit down. You can now leave the table and move to the observer panel! Maybe you want to switch out with a friend or just free up the seat for someone else. The Leave Table action is available at any time during a cash game, unless you are actively participating in the hand. In a SNG tournament, players can leave the table prior to the game starting.

🎤 Check check, one two: change your default mic/camera  

Upon joining the game, you can now change your microphone and camera source. Toggle between available audio and video sources on the join screen to make sure you’re showing your good side.

🪲 Minor improvements & bug fixes

  • Runout, hand results, and rankings no longer appear in the sidebar immediately after players go all-in pre-flop. No more spoilers before the cards are dealt on the table!
  • Implemented additional checks to validate chip counts/pot totals are correct at all times.
  • Optimized video bandwidth and improved performance of asset loading.
  • Corrected instances of incorrect SNG ranking display. Rankings also now do not recalculate before the end of a hand.
  • Fix to raise percentage calculations: nearest increment for raise percentages is now based on the smallest chip unit, not the small blind.
  • When a SNG tournament is paused, the late registration and blind timers are now also paused.
  • The game host or group creator can mute game sounds for all players.
  • Updated design of buttons throughout the game.
  • After a player disconnects from a cash game without standing up first, they are moved to Stand Up after 5 missed hands.
  • Chat fixes:
  • Cursor is now placed in the chat input field after selecting an emoji.
  • Hitting “Enter” with no text in the chat input no longer sends a blank box.
  • Fixed issues reported relating to players intermittently not being able to see other players’ videos.
  • The game no longer crashes when a user attempts to buy in for a very large chip amount.
  • Reduced excess spacing between observer videos.

🧰 Things we’re working on & known issues

We are prioritizing your feedback, especially from those participating in our Alpha release. Bug fixes, polish, and core features continue to be our focus for now, while we’re adding all of your exciting ideas to our product roadmap. Here are some of the things we have in the works:

  • Improved hole card display.
  • Redesigned player video cards.
  • Improved ledger and rankings views.
  • More game customization options.

🏆 Weekly community game

ICYMI, we now host a weekly community game! All are welcome to join the fun on Wednesdays at 9pm EDT. Details are posted on Discord in the # poker channel. Winners get bragging rights and a special Discord “Winners” role!

👂 We want your feedback!

Have an idea for a cool feature, or notice a bug we missed? Join our community on Discord and help shape our roadmap!

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