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The Weekly Shuffle: 7/8/22

Product sneak peeks, public roadmap, community updates, & more
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Happy Friday, Citizens! It’s time for our 2nd Weekly Shuffle email, keeping you informed on product updates, community news, and whatever else we think you need to know. 

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What’s inside

  • Product sneak peeks
  • MTT progress
  • Weigh in on our roadmap
  • Community updates
  • Perfect Pair Podcast 
  • Poker highlights
  • Tweet of the week

Product sneak peeks

Our team has been tackling a couple of exciting updates, landing early next week:

First up, Solana NFT avatars. Make sure you link your Solana wallet on your Account page, so you’re ready to set up your NFT avatar! 

Plus, here’s a preview of a betting control optimization for going all-in. Can you spot the improvement?  

Multi-Table Tournament Work In Motion

This week we kicked off backend infrastructure work on the most requested item from the community, multi-table tournaments (MTTs)! While the release date is slated for late summer, we’ll be sharing frequent updates on progress.

Weigh in on our roadmap

There’s more planned on the roadmap than just MTTs. Have you noticed the new roadmap link on our website? This serves as a glimpse into the major features we plan  to tackle. We will add more in the coming weeks so please chime in on what matters most to you.

Community updates

This past week was a big one for winners! Colin aka rep#0721 is racking up the Winner chips, taking down table after table in the past week. He’s already won three times and has an impressive stack of Winner NFTs to go along with that ultra exclusive First Out chip. The highs and lows of Hold’em come for us all. 

And shout out to cryptoboog for snagging his first 4-of-a-kind!

If you’re on Twitter or Discord you’ve seen some 🔥 new game design sneak peeks. Full game schedule below.

  • Monday, 9pm EDT - Lone Star Game. A No Limit Texas Hold’em game honoring the home of NLHE and Fun Country
  • Tuesday, 9pm EDT - Turnt Up Tuesday. Zerocool hosts a (fake) cash game! No buy-in but real NFT prizes!
  • Wednesday, 9pm EDT - The Citizens Game. Our weekly nod to our Discord community. Turbo NLHE without rebuys tests your skill. 
  • Thursday, 8pm EDT - Degen Poker Night. Join fellow degens sharing the highs (and lows) of the web3 space. Talk projects, crypto, staking and more.
  • Friday, 6pm EDT - Hot Pots. Brian is back from Vegas and leading off three weekend games with Hot Pots! A Turbo Sit & Go freeroll, now boasting the 
  • Saturday, 2pm EDT - CET & Go. Getting our international friends to the table is important. NLHE may have been born in Texas, but poker belongs to the world. 
  • Sunday, 2pm EDT - Poker Brunch. One final freeroll each week. Pull up with an omelet, crepe or milk tea and chat over cards.

And we’re adding more games all the time, so stick in Discord for the latest news on new games, spur of the moment Sit & Gos and NFT drops. If you’ve already linked your Solana wallet, keep an eye out for NFT drops after you play and special drops for winners.

Perfect Pair Podcast

Episode 4 is a great conversation with poker streamer Kyle Fischl. The two played Texas Hold’em and discussed cash games, vlogging poker (of course!), the 2022 WSOP and Kyle being star-struck by Jamie Kerstetter (spoiler: she could not have been nicer. Good vibes!)

The full rundown: 

00:40 How Kyle Got Into Poker | 03:03 What Made Kyle Start Vlogging - A Contest? | 08:35 Biggest Wins in Cash Games | 11:21 Biggest Losing Day | 14:43 Is Vlogging good for the game? | 17:04 Kyle's Upcoming WSOP Journey | 18:45 Poker Celebrity Encounter - Jamie Kerstetter

Poker highlights

Vegas Makes Everyone A Little Blurry. Hey, we know that guy! It’s Fun Country’s own, Brian Li. 

And the guy directly on his right is also somewhat famous as a poker player: Daniel Negreanu. In honor of Brian taking blurry photos with poker Hall of Famers, we're linking to Daniel's DAY OFF WSOP poker vlog. Both the photo and the vlog are a great reminder that poker is fun, but taking some time off is key to maintaining success.

Tweet of the week

Check out this tough beat from our Citizen’s game this week. Poor bacon never saw it coming! 

That’s a wrap for this week’s updates. You can always get in touch with us on Discord, where we also post more frequent updates while you’re waiting for the next shuffle email. 

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