The Weekly Shuffle 7/22/22

What’s red, black, green, and blue all over? Our new 4 color deck! It’s been a busy week in Fun Country Poker - read on to stay in the know!

Marianne Chronister
Jul 22, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle 7/22/22
July 22, 2022

What’s red, black, green, and blue all over? Our new 4 color deck! It’s been a busy week in Fun Country Poker - read on to stay in the know! 

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What’s inside

  • 4-color deck
  • Update your PFP during the game
  • MTT progress
  • Community updates
  • Perfect Pair podcast
  • Tweet of the week

4-color deck

A much requested feature went live this week - 4 color decks! This new setting only impacts your view, not other players, so everyone can choose whether to use the 4-color or traditional deck. 

Update your PFP during the game

After last week’s exciting NFT PFP feature was released, some players noticed that if they updated their PFP while participating in a game, their updated PFP was not reflected on the table. Now, PFPs will update automatically in the game in real time. Change it up when inspiration strikes! 

MTT progress 

The team continues to make progress on multi-table tournaments. Here’s what we worked on this past week: 

  • Reviewed updated frontend designs  
  • Continued backend implementation work 

As we get closer to launch (late summer), we’ll partner with engaged community members who want early access before general release. If your community is interested, shoot us a line in Discord or reply to this email! 

Community updates

We have a new player atop the leaderboard as @Dralcor claimed another win to move ahead of @rep in total victories! We don’t have a visible community leaderboard (yet 😏) but best believe the team and the Discord are keeping track.

Last week also saw Fun Country get raided by multiple communities with Sphynx Underground Society and Infected Mob hosting games all week long! Our upgraded tables saw plenty of linked wallets utilize the NFT PFP feature. 

If you missed it last week, we’ve published our weekly calendar. These are the core games you can expect to run every week on Fun Country. Add to that games hosted by our growing community of collabs, special weekly games hosted by AcePoker and more community games focused on additional time zones around the globe 🌍.

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Perfect Pair Podcast

Ace Poker + Brantzen Poker = big heads-up action. The pair play No Limit Texas Hold'em while discussing their poker and vlog journey, game selections, poker variance, and all things poker!

Watch the latest episode here. Here’s the full breakdown: 

00:30 What got Brantzen into poker? | 02:10 Brantzen's journey into vlogging. | 03:53 Brantzen's biggest win - 11-hour session! | 06:00 Future aspirations for poker and vlogging | 08:40 Brantzen's poker pro & celebrity encounters | 11:15 Biggest downswing and thoughts around that | 13:08 Moving up stakes and game selections | 15:35 Hendon Mob Aspirations?

Tweet of the week

Running games? Winning hands? Share those moments. Frens tag frens! This week’s featured tweet is from TommyRich {777} @_ChaiwatM showing off his Sphynx frens around the table. 

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