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The Weekly Shuffle 7/15/22

Sliding into the weekend with some sick NFT PFPs. Check out all the latest product updates and community happenings below!
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We’ve got that Friday feeling, citizens! Sliding into the weekend with some sick NFT PFPs. Check out all the latest product updates and community happenings below! 

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What’s inside

  • NFT Avatars
  • Larger avatar when video is off
  • Know when you’re all-in
  • Minor product updates
  • MTT progress
  • Community updates
  • Perfect Pair podcast
  • Tweet of the week

NFT Avatars

If you’re keeping up with our Discord, you already know…now you can show off your favorite Solana NFT at the poker table! 

  1. From your Account page, click “Select NFT” in the profile picture section. If you don’t already have a Phantom wallet connected, you will be prompted to connect. 
  2. Choose an NFT and click save. That’s it!

NFT PFPs are differentiated with a hexagon shape, as well as a Solana badge shown on hover in the game chat & rankings. 

Larger avatar when video is off

If you’re more of the incognito type, your avatar will now display prominently when video is turned off. Perfect opportunity to flex your new NFT PFP 😎.

Know when you’re all-in

Ready to put it all on the line? The bet/raise button now shows “All in” when you’ve entered all of your chips (and call changes to all in when calling means going all in). Now you can be sure you’re making the move you intended!

Minor product updates

  • 🤝 SNG tiebreaker fix: Players are now ranked in order of number of chips at the start of the hand if they are eliminated in the same hand.
  • ✨ New chip design: Our chips got a nice upgrade this week with a new design and standard chip colors. You’ll also notice that chip stacks with the same total amount now look the same regardless of the betting increments.
  • 🧹 Group feed cleanup: We’ve minimized clutter in the group homepage feed by consolidating the automatic posts announcing new members.
  • ▶️ More flexible game start: Now both the host & group admin can start a game from the observer section without sitting down at the table. 

MTT progress 

The team continues to make progress on multi-table tournaments. Here’s what we worked on this past week: 

  • Reviewed first iteration of front-end designs 
  • Continued backend implementation work 

As we get closer to launch (late summer), we’ll partner with engaged community members who want early access before general release. If your community is interested, shoot us a line in Discord

Community updates

This week Gary_Snr took down Wednesday night’s Citizens Game and claimed the bounty on JW’s head! Plus, we welcomed our frens at Nezumi Dominion, who hosted poker night on Fun Country. 

To celebrate, we swept Nezumi Dominion #6175 and airdropped it to Gary as a bounty. Look at this bad boy! Got a button and everything (get it? Poker. Button. Ahhh, you get it!) 

Come play with us! We host community games every day of the week, open to the public and free to join. To participate, join our Discord

Perfect Pair Podcast

In our latest episode, Ace went heads-up against Alex Duvall (@alexduvallin) and discussed bad beats, big losses and the WSOP.

This was a quick episode, but the section on Alex’s plans for WSOP is very interesting for anyone who followed his exploits first-hand via Twitter.

Here’s the full episode breakdown: 

00:20 How Alex Got Into Poker | 00:59 What Made Alex Start Vlogging - Andrew Neeme | 02:52 Early Steps of this Creator Journey | 04:40 Biggest Wins in Tournament | 05:45 Biggest Losing Day | 07:45 Future Plans for WSOP 2022 | 08:45 Future Aspiration for the Vlog + Poker Goals | 11:10 Ace Poker's Future Goals

Tweet of the week

We are looking to collaborate with you! Reply to this tweet with your ideas. 

Fun Country is dedicated to improving the connection between your holders in a meaningful way. We grind every day to put the best product in the hands of the best projects, making our community strong by making your community stand out. 

Please join our Discord, leave us #feedback-ideas and speak directly with our team about hosting Poker Night with us.

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