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The Weekly Shuffle: 12/30/22

Happy New Year, Fun Country Citizens! As we look forward to 2023, join us for a trip down 2022 memory lane. Spoiler alert: it was full of new features, new friends, and of course FUN.
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What’s Inside

  • 2022 Product Highlights
  • Celebrating Our Community 
  • Let's Meetup In 2023!

🎊 2022 Product Highlights

In early 2022, Fun Country got its start offering a video-first poker platform to connect with friends and family. Shortly after, we introduced the first iteration of Sit-n-Go Tournaments as an addition to cash games. Here’s a look at v1 of SNGs from February!

Our small-but-mighty engineering team kept up the momentum and layered on more features and improvements, such as the observer gallery, ability to show cards, an active speaker indicator on users’ videos, and SNG rebuys & late registration. We heard our community’s feedback and focused on improved betting controls and larger hole cards

Once the poker experience felt first-class, we shifted our focus to a major UI overhaul. The group experience and gameplay screens were fully redesigned - with improvements to player videos, the sidebar, timers, and more. 


But we couldn’t resist adding in some more poker features too - like showing your best hand, betting hotkeys, and the BB view and 4 color deck settings. Showdowns got a lot more exciting with the addition of showdown odds, and we amped up friendly competition with the group stats page. And with more NFT communities joining the Fun Country fam, we added Solana wallet integration and support for NFT avatars

By the end of the summer, our biggest feature yet was ready for its alpha debut - Multi-Table Tournaments! We listened to feedback from our early access communities and improved capacity and performance in the weeks that followed. We now support up to 400 players in a single tournament with the foundation built to keep adding higher limits.

With larger games came the need for additional moderation features, so we added the ability for moderators to kick/ban players from the table, the ability for hosts to delegate additional moderators, and the ability for players to mute & hide video of other players

To round out a big year, MTTs went public - and we look forward to hearing about how your community uses Fun Country in 2023! 

Product and feature decisions are largely driven by your feedback, so as always, thank you for your engagement on our Discord and other platforms. Your voices are heard and appreciated! 

📣 Fun Country 2022 - That’s A Wrap

We're celebrating our community as we head into the New Year.

In 2022 our top words in Discord were: Game, Good, Poker and Fun!

Big shouts OSULoggy - who came in HOT with 683 messages 🔥 and @Puddin2010 who was close behind! .dusaaaa, MetaBabe and blkdrac (of SOL Killer Bunnies, of course!) were all active bringing the Fun to Fun Country! And TheJuiceIsLoose came in strong with over 300 messages, a number of tournament wins and countless unforgettable memories at the tables. Thank you for everything you brought to our community this last year.

Closing out 2022 with 22,000 messages and nearly 2,000 Citizens checking in regularly is no small accomplishment. Shouts to all our Citizens for bringing big energy and positive vibes every day. We wish each of you a great end to the year.

🎙️ Let’s Meetup in 2023!

In 2022 we didn’t just introduce the world to the best live video poker experience, we brought players together live with Survivor winner Adam Scott Klein, author Zachary Elwood, poker legend Alec Torelli and so many more insightful, hilarious and charming guests it’s impossible to name them all! Check out a video recap here

As we head into 2023, we can’t wait to unveil the amazing lineup of Meetup Games for you to enjoy.

We are always looking for great projects to learn from, host on Fun Country, and collaborate with! If you’re a community manager, get in touch with us on Discord.

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