The Weekly Shuffle: 10/7/22

If you haven’t played in one of our early access MTTs, WYD? Oh, and bring your friends - up to 300 of them! Plus, our first Season competition is live. Read on for the deets!

Marianne Chronister
Oct 7, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 10/7/22
October 7, 2022

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What’s Inside

  • MTT Scales to 300 Players
  • Sneak Peek: Customize Group Avatar & Cover
  • Tweet of the Week
  • Seasons Are Live
  • 10 Tips on Growing Community
  • Raffles!

MTT Scales to 300 Players

After several smooth ~200 player Multi-Table Tournaments over the past week, we’re excited to increase the upper limit to 300 players! We’re taking learnings from each and every tournament and funneling those back into the product to improve the experience. 

We’re loving all of the new connections being made between and among communities. It’s especially cool to see folks meeting on camera for the first time! 

If your community wants in on the MTT action, we’d love to help you host a tournament! Just reach out to our team on Discord. 

Sneak Peek: Customize Group Avatar & Cover

Soon, group admins will be able to customize their group avatar and cover photo! Locate these options under Group Settings and make your Fun Country hub feel more like home. Look out for an update when this new feature is available!

Tweet of The Week 

We’re big on building community and helping Community Managers to build their own. That is why we pinned this tweet

Like you, we're constantly learning about ways to create a more vibrant and engaged community. In a bid to help you (& us), we've created a list of 10 tips. 

We believe these tips will help you, but even more importantly we know these tips will help new projects find their footing and create more positive vibes in the space. To receive our 10 Tips, please interact with this Tweet and then check your DMs.

Seasons Are Live

This past Monday, Fun Country launched our first hosted competition with the inaugural Citizens' Games Season. Here is how it works: 

For the next two weeks (10/3 - 10/16), players in every Citizens game will earn points which count towards a Season leaderboard. Earning points is simple, all you have to do is play in a Citizens game. Playing earns you five (5) points. Make it to the final table, earn another five (5) points. The top three places earn additional points with 15 points to 1st place, 10 points to 2nd place, and 5 points for finishing 3rd. 

We will update the standings with the previous day's results each day and send an update in the #poker-seasons channel in our Discord

Partner community NFTs will be given out to the top three finishers for the Season, while places 4-10 will earn an entry into our weekly winner's raffle. This is our first season so we are excited to learn and iterate for future ones. All feedback is encouraged. 

10 Tips on Growing Community

We’re in the midst of a 10 week run where we share a new tip for community managers looking to build a more engaged community. 

This week’s tip: Grow Your Team

As your community grows, it is likely that you, as a community manager, will be tasked with more and more work. Meeting the expectations of a growing community can feel overwhelming and there is never enough time in the day, but remember: many hands make light work. While a well-rounded community manager should be expected to have some level of understanding of  social media management, alpha chasing, hosting Town Halls, leading raids, and more, all of that work should not fall on one person’s shoulders.

Use some of your time early on to define responsibilities for positions within your community. This will help active community managers identify community members who are willing and able to share their expertise and energy, taking on Discord moderation, social media amplification, and welcoming duties for new members. 

There will be growing pains, and not every new person will be with the project for the long term. Be mindful of how you’re communicating and supporting new team members, and if they’re not up to the task be respectful but have a straightforward conversation. Having clear expectations up front will ensure everyone is on the same page.


This week we made the decision to migrate away from having all Citizens claim their wins via the ticket system. Instead, we will be accounting for the wins internally the same way we are doing it with #poker-seasons. We also added a new channel called #raffle-count where we will periodically update the entries so you can keep up to date! Now you can just vibe, chat and as always!

Zoom fatigue is real. Play games on Fun Country.