Weekly Shuffle 7/1/22

We’re rolling out a new weekly update email format to keep you informed on product updates, community news, and whatever else we think you need to know...all in one place.

Marianne Chronister
Jul 1, 2022
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Weekly Shuffle 7/1/22
July 1, 2022

The Weekly Shuffle: 7/1/22

Greetings, Fun Country Poker fam! We’re rolling out a new weekly update email format to keep you informed on product updates, community news, and whatever else we think you need to know...all in one place.

For real-time updates and to stay in touch with us, be sure you’ve joined our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

What’s inside

  • Invite friends to the game, from the game
  • Customize SNG starting stack
  • Play now (instant games)
  • Next on our roadmap
  • Community game schedule updates
  • New community manager
  • Achievement NFTs
  • Perfect Pair Poker Podcast
  • Fun Country Blog
  • Tweet of the week

Invite friends to the game, from the game

The new “invite” button on the game canvas allows you to share an invite link to your specific game once you’ve already joined. Joining via this link does not add the player to the group, so non-group members can join as guests. The more the merrier!

Customize SNG starting stack

Another highly requested feature - done and done. You’ll see a new field for starting stack when configuring a SNG tournament. Additionally, the default starting stack has been raised from 1,000 to 2,000 chips (100 big blinds).

Play now

Instant games are here! Now you can jump into a cash game quickly and seamlessly, no group required. Create your game, share the invite link, and you’ve got a table going in no time. Try it out from the fun.country homepage!

Next on our roadmap

NFT avatars: Soon, you’ll be able to flex your favorite Solana NFT as your Fun Country profile picture. Choose from the NFTs in your connected Solana wallet to add some flair to your persona.

And there’s more to look forward to…we’re working on Solana wallet login, game reminders, and group notification preferences. Keep the feedback coming in Discord, we are listening! We are also putting together a public-facing roadmap for even more transparency.

Community game schedule updates

This week, we took community games up a notch. We’re going daily, with at least one team-hosted freeroll every single day of the week, including weekends! And we have heard from the international community that varied start times are important so we’re targeting times when our friends around the globe can get to the table. That means better start times for those in CET, GMT +8 and GMT +9, and we will grow more freerolls from there.

You can always find links to games in our Discord!

Starting immediately our weekly schedule includes:

  • Monday, 9pm EDT - Lone Star Challenge. A No Limit Texas Hold’em game honoring the home of NLHE.
  • Tuesday, 9pm EDT - Turnt Up Tuesday. A cash game that anyone can play! No buy-in but real prizes!
  • Wednesday, 9pm EDT - The Citizens Game. Our weekly nod to our Discord community. Turbo NLHE without rebuys tests your skill.
  • Thursday, 8pm EDT - Poker & Projects. Join fellow degens sharing the highs (and lows) of the web3 space. Talk projects, crypto, staking and more.
  • Friday, 6pm EDT - Hot Pots. Starting Friday we turn hosting over to Brian who leads off the weekend with Hot Pots! A Turbo Sit & Go freeroll.
  • Saturday, 2pm EDT - CET & Go. Getting our international friends to the table is important. NLHE may have been born in Texas, but poker belongs to the world.
  • Sunday, 2pm EDT - Poker Brunch. One final freeroll each week. Pull up with an omelet, crepe or milk tea and chat over cards.

And we’re adding more games all the time, so stick in Discord for the latest news on new games, spur of the moment Sit & Gos and NFT drops. Don’t forget to link your Solana wallet!

New Community Manager: ZeroCool

Speaking of Discord….please welcome our newest Community Manager: ZeroCool (on Twitter @xerocooler). You’ll be seeing him a lot more in Discord responding to tickets and answering questions and, of course, at the tables running games! A veteran of the Solana crypto space, ZeroCool brings a ton of energy, knowledge and passion to our growing Community team.

Achievement NFTs

As many of you know, we have been sending NFTs to the host, 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place finishers in our weekly community games. The response from the community has been absolutely amazing to these cool, unique poker chips!

We're developing a system to send NFTs to players for winning with specific hands in-game, such as Four of a Kind, Straight, and the elusive Royal Flush. We've also included winning with named poker hands like the Dolly Parton (9-5) and the Doyle Brunson (10-2). Think of these like achievements and badges in your favorite video games. They're fun, engaging, and collectible.

Now we want to include YOU in our design process for these achievement NFTs. Check out some examples of how these NFTs could look and give us your feedback in Discord:

  1. Which style do you like best?
  2. Which in-game events do you want us to include?
  3. Do you know an artist that would love to contribute?

Perfect Pair Poker Podcast

Fun Country has a podcast! If you missed the first few episodes, don’t worry; you can find them all on our YouTube channel.

In the most recent episode, Ace (@AcePoker444) sat down with Jim from RecPoker to discuss the history of Rec.Poker and community building in poker (10:41), Jim’s bucket list goal of reaching a final table in a major event (15:09) and the good vibes of the live poker atmosphere you can only capture in a casino or on Fun Country (16:11). Then Jim flips the script and starts interviewing Ace!

See the full episode and subscribe to our channel for more great poker insight.

Fun Country Blog

Have you scoped out our new blog? It’s home to past product updates, partner content, and poker news & resources. One of our recent posts rounds up the best poker content this week.

Tweet of the week

Did you see the preview of the 4-color deck we’ve got in the works?

That’s all for this week, citizens. Keep an eye on your inbox for next week’s roundup! Until then, see you on the felt!

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