The Weekly Shuffle: 9/4/22

Early MTT access kicked off this week, and we’re buzzing to share it with more of you. Read more about the Soul Dogs City tournament and our community updates below!

Marianne Chronister
Sep 4, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 9/4/22
September 4, 2022

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What’s inside

  • MTT early access  
  • Community Spotlight: Famous Foxes Federation
  • Community Games
  • Tweet of the week
  • Perfect Pair Podcast: Habibi from The Narentines

MTT Early Access

On Thursday, Soul Dogs City hosted the first external community Multi Table Tournament. The competition was fierce with a Soul Dogs NFT on the line. Congrats to Pacman who clinched the top spot after a cutthroat battle at the final table. Here is a snapshot of one particularly bad beat!

Next week, we’ll continue with more external community tests leading into public release! These early access tournaments are a great opportunity to experience what makes Fun Country MTTs unique, and to provide valuable feedback to our team. Reminder, if you’re in a community that is interested in being one of the first to host MTTs, just respond to this email.

Community Spotlight: Famous Foxes Federation

Step into the Spotlight: Famous Fox Federation's Rafffles (with three Fs!). Now established as one of the dominant forces in the Solana NFT ecosystem, Foxes have achieved growth and sustained success in part by offering individual holders and projects an easy-to-use raffle platform.

Want more Rafffle? Read the full article.

Community Game Calendar

This week you may have noticed that we’ve added more games and a new host: Casanova#0242. Casanova is hosting games across the week at prime times for those outside the US, so make sure you’re in our Discord for up-to-date game announcements.

Speaking of which - a bit of practice what you preach for Fun Country’s Discord over the past week. We’ve added #daily-games as a one-stop shop for all game announcements; #winners-circle is available to anyone who’s earned the Winner role; #host-chat is a private channel for game hosts where we discuss hosting games, best practices and you can offer the FC team host-specific feedback.

We continue to look for exceptional community members to join our team of Community Moderators, just like Casanova. Please be in touch with the team via Discord to register your interest in hosting.

These are Fun Country-hosted games, with Fun Country sponsored prizes. 

Tweet of the week

Last week we announced our first raffle. This week we announced the Community Shoot Out

We have a number of communities playing poker on Fun Country this weekend!

But which project is the most excited!? 

We'll add an extra NFT to the prize pool for the community that makes the most noise!

This is just the beginning! We’re looking to reward new hosts, new winners, and new communities that make Fun Country their home for game night! Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to raid that Tweet.

Perfect Pair Podcast: Habibi from The Narentines

What makes a good project? Habibi from The Narentines knows a thing or two about it. From rugs to mooning and everything in between, Habibi has learned to trust his gut when it comes to DYOR and to invest in community whenever possible. 

Playing poker has become part of Narentine’s identity, but they’re not the only project that has integrated game nights into a healthy and engaging community. Listen to the full show and then subscribe to Fun Country’s YouTube channel to never miss another episode.

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