The Weekly Shuffle: 9/23/22

This week’s #goals: MTT scaling and doubling down on community. Stay in the know with the Shuffle ⬇️.

Marianne Chronister
Sep 23, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 9/23/22
September 23, 2022

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What’s inside

  • MTT Development Updates
  • Product Sneak Peek: Notifications
  • Tweet of the Week
  • Our Weekly Winner Raffle is Live
  • A Game for All Seasons
  • 10 Tips on Growing Community

MTT development updates

This week the team focused on backend improvements to our Multi-Table Tournament infrastructure. These updates will improve performance especially for large scale tournaments. 

In the meantime, we will begin hosting our daily Citizen’s games as MTTs! So if you are eager to experience it for yourself, head to our Discord for the full schedule and to join a tournament. 

Product sneak peek: Notifications

Soon, you’ll be able to keep up with the action across all tables of a MTT with in-game notifications. Notifications will appear in the top corner of the game screen, informing you of key events in the tournament in a non-invasive manner. You’ll see eliminations, new chip leaders, big hands, and more, all without changing tables!

Tweet of The Week 

You may have noticed that we’re renewing our focus on positive community management. Everything from engagement, to collaboration, to alpha calls, and hosting game night. And our Twitter feed is going to double-down on that.

"A project is nothing without a strong and vibrant community."

If you haven't read @austinvirts' "building a lasting community in crypto" doc, you're ngmi. 

Thanks for fuelling our fire, Austin.

Our Weekly Winner Raffle Is Live

Our team hosted games are getting a shot of adrenaline! This week we announced that winner’s from every game will be entered into a raffle to win an NFT prize at the end of each week! Plus bonus entries if you screenshot your win and tweet/tag us on Twitter! 

The more you play, the more chances you have to win. For the full rules, please check out #poker-raffle in our Discord.  

There’s more! We have also introduced a Bad Beat Progressive NFT Jackpot. Sometimes the poker gods just aren’t on your side, but now if you lose a hand with quads or better, we think you deserve something for your misfortune. 

Every week the Bad Beat NFT Jackpot isn’t won, the prize will roll over to the next week and we’ll add another NFT into the pool! To qualify, both the winner and loser must use both hole cards to make the best 5 card hand combination. Pocket pairs are required for winner/loser’s four of a kind. Want to see the weekly NFT prizes and progressive pool? Head on over to 🎁|prize-pool to stay up to date on every NFT we add to each raffle! Please note: these are for team-hosted games only. 

A Game For All Seasons

Can you keep a secret? Seasons are coming to the Fun Country Discord. Our team-hosted games have been fun, and our leaderboard is going to be amazing, but we’re working behind the scenes on a fun new way to reward the most engaged members of our community. Our current plans aren’t yet ready for prime time, but we’ll have something to share….soon. 

Join our Discord to stay in the know.

10 Tips on Growing Community

Each week for the next 10 weeks, we’ll be sharing a new tip for community managers looking to build a more engaged community. 

This week’s tip: how to reward your most valuable community members

Many community managers are in the unenviable position of trying to drive community engagement by focusing on rewards - issuing white list, mint passes, Solana, or even free mints without doing an initial, or ongoing, assessment of what value the community is really deriving from that reward.

Rewarding your most valuable community members should be a way to say “thank you” but the smartest projects plan ahead. They use education, events, and activities as opportunities to learn from the community what matters to them. The culture of your community can be shaped by separating ‘actions’ (mindlessly spamming messages or for inviting fake accounts to your Discord) from ‘contributions’ (posting thoughtfully in dedicated channels and amplifying a community goal). This ensures that the actions taken by individuals provide meaningful value to the community as a whole; when you then provide a reward back to those most-engaged individuals, you’re feeding a positive reinforcement back into the community. 

We are always looking for great projects to learn from, host on Fun Country, and collaborate with! If you’re a community manager, get in touch with us on Discord.

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