The Weekly Shuffle: 9/18/22

More MTTs, more new features, more prizes. And we’ve got more up our sleeves. Read the latest updates below!

Marianne Chronister
Sep 18, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 9/18/22
September 18, 2022

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What’s inside

  • MTT early access continues
  • Product updates
  • Tweet of the week + shout out
  • Community game schedule
  • Raffle w/ JellyDawgs and GMers
  • Perfect Pair Podcast:TasMarr from Solana Vegas Tour

MTT Early Access Continues

Last week, we continued expanding early access to Multi-Table Tournaments. Thursday’s MTT with Lion’s Den Poker Club was our biggest turnout yet with 180 participants! Huge thanks to the Lion’s Den community and everyone else who showed up. The Fun Country team gained valuable learnings that will help improve performance for large scale tournaments. 

We’ve still got room for more communities to participate in early access MTTs. Just respond to this email or reach out to a member of the team on Discord to schedule.

Product updates

Our most recent release included several improvements and bug fixes. 

First, if you’re playing in a MTT that allows rebuys, you’ll notice a new can’t-miss-it popup that appears if you are eliminated and are able to rebuy! We’ll soon extend this feature to SNGs and cash games as well. 

Head hurt from mental math? We added a new total pot label! The total pot is just what it sounds like - a sum of all pots and bets on the table. It displays toward the top of the table, above the cards. 

We’ve also added a new visual indicator for players who have left the page. If you see the yellow disconnected icon, this means that the player does not currently have the game screen open. 



Finally, we fixed a bug where chip sounds were still playing even if game sounds had been muted. Enjoy the silence, if that’s your jam! 

Tweet of The Week 

Our community manager - the inimitable ZeroCool aka @xerocooler - has put out the call, will you answer?

We’re building something big, and want your community to be a part. If you have a regular game on Fun Country already, if you have a game somewhere else that really needs a #upgrade, and especially if you have been waiting for Multi-Table Tournaments to move to Fun Country full time - hit up Zero

A Special Shoutout 

We. See. You. 

mikot0 gets the shout this week, but believe that we see you all out there making noise. We’re going to keep our heads down and grind, read your feedback and deliver better every week. Appreciate you.

Don’t forget, our Community Games expanded last week to include seven new midday EST games. These are all Fun Country team-hosted and are a great way to learn about our platform, meet new folks, and have some fun! Join our Discord to see the games listed under Events:

Twitter Raffle: JellyDawgs

You all turned up for the last raffle, so we’re upping the ante! This time we’re giving away this card playing canine from JellyDawgs. The poker pooch will find a new home in the wallet of our favorite entry, so make sure to raid this tweet and bring your energy and creativity.

You’re automatically entered when you play a game on Fun Country & share a screenshot of your experience on Twitter with the hashtag #funcountry. No limit on the number of games you play, or host, and post! And this raffle is not a one-and-done. This week we’ve got a top prize to our favorite tweet, and all entrants are eligible to win a #GMers NFT: Random entry. Two chances to win - all you need to do is enter.

Perfect Pair Podcast: TasMarr from Solana Vegas Tour

The Solana Vegas Tour is looking to find ways to find poker professionals who can represent holders at tournaments in Vegas! With ambitious goals come significant responsibilities, and TasMarr discusses the project's evolution, building trust in NFT communities, and delivering on commitments to holders. 

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We are always looking for great projects to learn from, host on Fun Country, and collaborate with! If you’re a community manager, get in touch with us on Discord.

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