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The Weekly Shuffle: 9/12/22

We’re expanding access to early MTT testing, rewarding the community for sharing Fun Country on Twitter, and hosting Spaces to get more direct feedback. All that, and more, in The Shuffle. We move.
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What’s inside

  • MTT early access expansion
  • Tweet of the week
  • Community game schedule
  • Twitter Spaces: Lions Den Poker Club
  • Perfect Pair Podcast: House of Parlay

MTT Early Access Expansion

The tables have been busy, full of early access MTTs as we keep adding communities to the game calendar. We’ve received great feedback and tons of praise. Here are just a couple mentions:

Big things are happening, and not just a straight flush to take down the tournament. A diamond wheel to win it all?! Are. you. kidding? 

If you’re in a community that is interested in being one of the first to host MTTs, or if you’re a part of a community you want to see repped at the Fun Country tables, just respond to this email or reach out to a member of the Team on Discord to arrange access.

Tweet of The Week 

What?! We moved the Tweet of The Week to the top of The Shuffle, it must have been a doozy.

Share a screenshot on Twitter with the hashtag #funcountry and we'll select someone at random to win this @FlippinRabbits & @SoulDogsCity NFT

You don’t have to wait for early access to the MTT testing to qualify, just start a game and share a screenshot. Don’t forget to hashtag it for a chance to win those fierce NFTs.  Need to find a game to play? We added 7 new midday EST games. Join our Discord to see the games listed under Events:

Twitter Spaces: Lions Den Poker Club

On Thursday, Fun Country Community Manager Zero Cool and Lions Den hosted Twitter Spaces together to discuss all things poker and NFTs. The discussion went into extra time, with the co-hosts turning their heads up game into a community table with the audience!

The conversation was as lively and far-ranging as a pack on the hunt including this bit of wisdom from Zero: 

“When I’m talking about projects and sustainability, I think the number one downfall for projects failing is project management just not being present and approachable enough, [instead of] cultivating a community where the door is always open.” -ZeroCool

Fun Country is looking to raid your Twitter spaces to share our experiences growing, cultivating and sustaining positive relationships within a community. If you host Spaces, let us know and we’ll show up for you!

Perfect Pair Podcast: House of Parlay

House of Parlay has experienced the lows of a three and a half week mint, and the highs of a 60 SOL all-time high. In the intervening months, they’ve learned countless lessons about how to engage their community. Finding good community managers is key, but what are the defining traits of a good community manager? So glad you asked.

This is one of the most outrageous origin stories we’ve encountered (when’s the last time you ran for Congress?) so be sure to listen to the full show and then subscribe to Fun Country’s YouTube channel to never miss another episode or find it on our blog.

We are always looking for great projects to learn from, host on Fun Country and collaborate with! If you’re a community manager get in touch with us on Discord or email hello@fun.country.

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