The Weekly Shuffle: 8/28/22

Step aside, spreadsheets. We’ve got your group stats handled. Plus, our very first Fun Country raffle is live! Catch up on it all below 👇.

Marianne Chronister
Aug 28, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 8/28/22
August 28, 2022

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What’s inside

  • Group stats are here!
  • MTT progress 
  • Weekly Raffle
  • Community Games
  • Tweet of the week
  • Perfect Pair Podcast: Ben Deach

Group stats are here!

Calling all fellow nerds 🤓! No more manual tracking - check out our new automatic group stats tracker. We’re tracking games won, games played, hands won, and hands played. 

Here’s a look at who’s risen to the top in The Citizens Group. Check out where you stand and claim your bragging rights! 

Want more stats? We’re all ears, just respond and let us know what else you want tracked in your community.

MTT Progress

This past week we had a blast hosting an internal team MTT. Here’s the final table moment where trip 5s takes it down with the higher jack kicker. That hurts! 

Next week, we’re hosting our first external community and will soon after bring on more communities to get an early access look! Reminder, if you’re in a community that is interested in being one of the first to host MTTs, just respond to this email.

Weekly Raffle! 

Introducing the Fun Country Weekly Raffle! Every week, we’ll be giving away NFTs to Citizens (that’s members of Fun Country’s Discord!) who help promote Fun Country or spread knowledge in our Discord. 

Here’s how it works: You complete one of the tasks below, submit proof, and cross your fingers that your name is chosen. This week we're giving away a Flippin' Rabbits NFT! 

What can you do to earn Raffle entries? 

Special Entry: Host a Fun Country game with a community that you’re part of (must have at least 6 players) = 25 entries

Special Entry: Refer Fun Country to a community that you are part of (they must host a game and confirm you referred them) = 25 entries

And so much more! Join our Discord and check out the #raffle-info channel for the full rule and entries information. This fierce Flippin Rabbit is the first Raffle prize.

Community Game Calendar

We’ve told you that bringing your favorite projects to play with us would have benefits down the road(map), and now we’re happy to announce we’re hosting games for Nezumi, Sphynx Underground Society, and Zenin. 

These are Fun Country-hosted games, with Fun Country sponsored prizes. 

We continue to look for exceptional community members to join our team of Community Moderators. More moderators = more team-hosted games available each week, adding to our regular daily offerings.

Tweet of the week

Did we mention we’ve launched a weekly raffle? It’s a big Flippin deal!

Raffles live. Community Games growing. MTT on the horizon. If you’re here, you’re early. Your feedback is improving our platform every day and our work remains focused on meeting the needs of your community, and your community management team. 

Perfect Pair Podcast: Ben Deach

Ace is back heads-up, this time with Ben Deach. If you’re into live cash game action, you might already be one of Ben’s 30K YouTube audience. Despite his experience podcasting and at the tables, Deach had never recorded a show playing heads-up, live! In a *first time for everything* style podcast, Ben goes back to 2018 and the start of his vlogging career, being up for a morning anchor job with the local news station, and changing his life through poker. You can watch the full podcast here

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