The Weekly Shuffle: 8/19/22

MTT is so close we can taste it, and we’ve got a new Q&A segment for you! Here’s the wrap up of this week in Fun Country👇.

Marianne Chronister
Aug 19, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 8/19/22
August 19, 2022

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What’s inside

  • MTT progress 
  • Questions, Answered: David - SoulDogsCity
  • Community Game Calendar
  • Tweet of the week
  • Perfect Pair Podcast: CryptoRich

MTT Progress

We’re getting really close, folks. This week, we worked to ensure our internal MTT tests were functioning as expected and honed in on overall usability. By next week, the full initial implementation should be complete! 

Here’s another sneak peek 👀 of what the MTT page will look like when the tournament is completed.

Now it’s time to test with early access communities. Our community team is collaborating with a few communities for early access testing beginning next week. We can’t wait to experience MTT with real users in big numbers - bring it on! Reminder, if you’re in a community that is interested in gaining early access, reach out on Discord.

Questions, Answered: David - SoulDogsCity

This is the first of our Questions, Answered series. It will focus on a different community each week, offering insights and perspective from community leads in projects from every corner of this space. Our shared experiences are our collective strength and learning from each other is the way. 

Below is a snippet from this week’s interview with David, the Social Media Manager from Soul Dogs:

Fun Country:  How important to Dogs has transparency been? Being doxed or regularly communicating to your community?

David: I think organic growth is one of the important parts of sustaining a community. Identifying with a community most often comes from a deep, organic, connection. Hype and degen plays have their place but hype mints can burn out really quickly. The key to maintaining great community engagement is transparency. This was central to our early approach. We held weekly Town Hall meetings, where the community would ask and we would answer their burning questions.  

And don’t forget about fun. You have to have fun as a community - that gets back to games like poker and trivia. We had massive success early with those two games because they can both handle a large number of people, you don’t need any special ability, and they’re big social games. Over poker and trivia you talk a lot, you get to know people on a deeper level, and you have a laugh. A community that has fun together, thrives together. 

Read all of David’s insight on successfully managing a community pre- and post-mint in Questions, Answered on our blog.

Community Game Calendar

We’re hosting games with projects across all time zones now. And we’re adding to our team of Community Moderators which means more team-hosted games available each week. 

Tweet of the week

Nobody raids like Infected Mob. This week the mobster horde descended on @zerocool’s game en masse keeping our community manager busy with not one, not two, but SIX tables at their last game. 

Perfect Pair Podcast: CryptoRich

Our resident heads-up expert sat down with Cyptonians' own CryptoRich. This is a free ranging discussion highlighting the recent growth of the projects on the Solana blockchain. Rich and Cryptonians are now turning their attention to making a home for their community within the NFT space. The community supports the project by turning out for their poker games and supports slow, sustained organic growth. Catch the full podcast here

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