The Weekly Shuffle: 7/29/22

Check out our latest MTT sneak peek and all of our community updates below!

Marianne Chronister
Jul 29, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 7/29/22
July 29, 2022

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What’s inside

  • MTT sneak peek
  • Updated design for chips & pots
  • Coming soon - group stats
  • Community updates
  • Perfect Pair podcast
  • Tweet of the week

MTT sneak peek 

Did you catch our post in #sneak-peeks on Discord? We’re moving full steam ahead on finalizing our MTT designs - check it out:

Here’s what we worked on this past week: 

  • Finalized MTT tournament page design
  • Continued backend implementation work 
  • Began frontend implementation 

As we get closer to launch (late summer), we’ll partner with engaged community members who want early access before general release. If your community is interested, shoot us a line in Discord or reply to this email! 

Updated design for chips & pots

If you think something changed with the chips on the table this week, you’re not wrong. Besides improving the overall look, this update addresses an issue where pot amounts were sometimes obscured by player videos in certain seating positions. 

Coming soon - group stats

There’s more in the works alongside MTT. Within the next few weeks, you’ll see our first iteration of group stats, which will include players’ all-time stats within their group. Bragging rights, coming right up! 

Community updates

We want to know which community takes down more tables and drags the most pots. You already know we’re working on a leaderboard for Fun Country, but which projects will have the most community members and PFPs atop the Board once it’s live?

You turn it up for us, and we’ll turn it up for you. Our loudest partners earn contests to win prizes like this: 

For next week, our weekly calendar stays the same with daily team-hosted games. We are in the process of identifying a couple of days each week when David will host games that are friendly for those living or working in EU time zones. And, of course, you can create your own group and start your own game any time. 

For more info on our growing slate of freerolls, join our Discord

Perfect Pair Podcast

A former recreational player, Andy from 7cardflushpoker found a blog by Brad Owen which sparked his interest in taking his game to the next level. Playing primarily tournaments and online poker early on, Andy has moved to playing most of his games live cash.

This whole episode flies by, but if you want to jump to specific section it breaks down like this:

00:30 How Andy got into poker and vlogging | 01:30 Game selections: cash games or tournaments? | 03:20 Transitioning from playing to vlogging | 05:58 Dealing with downswings and bad sessions | 10:23 Uniqueness of the Pocket Pair Podcast | 11:42 Andy's future aspirations for poker and vlogging | 14:02 Poker celebrity stories | 18:00 Andy's tournament experience

Tweet of the week

Creating, managing and inspiring a community to collective action is time consuming and requires effort. But building a community from the ground up doesn’t have to be all pain, no gain. Regularly scheduled games create a central meeting place for your decentralized holders and offer you an easy, scalable way to bring the community together. By encouraging your team to participate in games you’ll take a fun activity and grow it into another way feedback is heard and integrated into your future growth. 

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