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The Weekly Shuffle: 12/9/22

Soon we’ll be spreading the love of MTTs by opening up the feature on our site to all! Plus, we’re growing our team - read on for details.
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What’s Inside

  • Coming SOON: Multi-Table Tournaments Open to All
  • Tweet of the Week
  • Be a Part of the Fun Country Team
  • 10 Tips on Growing Community
  • Perfect Pair Podcast with Chris (06_Radio)

🔮 Coming SOON: Multi-Table Tournaments Open to All

You’ve experienced our Fun Country-hosted MTTs during the feature’s alpha phase. Very soon, we’re putting the power to create tournaments with up to 400 members in your hands - whenever you want, as often as you need. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an announcement when MTTs are available for all to create on our site. Until then, join one of the many tournaments we host throughout the week by keeping tabs on our Discord

📣 Tweet of The Week 

Y’all have been too kind on Twitter this week! More players at the tables; more tables shared on the socials. It’s a perfect match and we wanted to highlight a couple of particularly nice shoutouts. 

It’s easy to love us when you’re making full boats on the flop with a pocket A-K! Thanks for the shout, @Artyxa_.

We’ve been getting raided regularly by the SOL Killer Bunnies. Don’t let the cute faces fool you, they’re deadly at the table and making the Solana space more fun every day. 

Keep sharing your favorite Fun Country moments - we love to RT, and you may even be featured in a future Shuffle! 

🎯 Be a Part of the Fun Country Team! 

On Thursday we announced the creation of a new Role in our Discord. Game Managers will be a key part of the growing Fun Country community and be able to earn SOL for driving multi project collaborations.

New Game Managers will be expected to identify and onboard new partner communities to participate in large collab poker tournaments, schedule and host regular Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs), be active in partner communities leading up to the game, and provide our product team with post-tournament feedback from players.

If you are interested in the opportunity, submit your details here including your background, community involvement, and what motivates you to go out and organize tournaments. 

To see the full requirements and expectations, please read the Announcement in Discord.

💡 10 Tips on Growing Community

Last week there was big news in the Solana community as @FrankDeGods finally doxxed, leading to a significant number of friends, followers and Frank fanatics following suit. Having a face to put to the name - even a pseudonym - brings a level of accountability. As our own doxxed Community Manager @xerocooler pointed out, there was an immediate positive impact on the floor price for DeGods and y00ts. FP isn’t the only metric to follow but if a simple face reveal can have that much of a direct impact on a community’s willingness to invest their time and money, imagine the value that consistent, intentional transparency can have for your community. 

This Week’s Tip: Transparency is a Communication Key 🔑

Every community with staying power is able to identify when their organic growth suddenly went from incremental to exponential. Maintaining great community engagement starts with transparency. 

Whether it is weekly roadmap updates posted in Discord, regular Town Hall meetings with a chance to take questions, or a newsletter from the community managers - none of this communication matters if you’re not upfront about your goals, and open to hearing from the community about what they want. 

That relationship provides a strong foundation for internal identity with your community which then becomes an external identity for how others find you and join. If you’re lucky enough to form a deep, organic, connection within your community, they will be your best resource and help you communicate with a broader audience. 

🎙️ Perfect Pair Podcast

The Perfect Pair Podcast has a new host! Please welcome Gillian Epp who hosts her first episode by welcoming Chris from 06 Radio!


Chris and Gillian walk through their experiences building a community, how to get and use feedback from an audience and how to learn from mistakes. You can always skip to your favorite bit, but the whole thing should be your favorite bit! (and don’t you dare skip over two truths and a lie). 

00:50 How to build a community and can anyone do it? | 03:35 Feedbacks from audience and their importance | 09:30 Can anyone build a quality or do you need the "star quality" | 11:35 Acknowledging your audience | 15:57 Mistakes and lessons learnt along the journey | 21:50 Being authentic and genuine | 24:25 Being involved in other communities | 32:05 Games and activities with the community | 34:40 Two truths and a lie with a mystery

After checking out the episode, you can find 06 Radio streaming on Twitch.

We are always looking for great projects to learn from, host on Fun Country, and collaborate with! If you’re a community manager, get in touch with us on Discord.

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