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The Weekly Shuffle: 12/16/22

Host tournaments with up to 400 players, your way. Plus, read on to learn more about the meetup games we’ve been hosting!
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What’s Inside

  • Create & Configure Your Own Multi-Table Tourney
  • Improved Game Invite Link
  • Tweet of the Week
  • 10 Tips on Growing Community
  • Perfect Pair Podcast with GutzyAiden
  • Be a Part of the Fun Country Team

🏆 Create & Configure Your Own Multi-Table Tourney

Until now, you’ve been able to participate in MTTs hosted by Fun Country or special collabs. Now, anyone can create and host their own MTTs on Fun Country. You choose the game speed, seats per table, late reg & rebuy periods, and action timer settings to fit how your group likes to play. Just rally your community and schedule your tournament! 

Don’t forget, you can also customize your group’s avatar and cover photo to make your tournament lobby page feel like home. 

Share your MTT experiences on Discord and Twitter! We also have a dedicated #mtt-feedback Discord channel where we’d love to hear from you. 

🔗 Improved Game Invite Link

You’re putting in the work to amplify your tournaments and grow your community. Now, when you share a game invitation link, players will be automatically added to your community’s group. This means they’ll be notified of future games scheduled for the group and can join directly from the group homepage. 

If your goal is to invite players as guests to a single game, just toggle this new setting off before copying & sharing the invite link. 

📣 Tweet of The Week 

If you haven’t noticed, we’re increasing the number of Multi-Community Tournaments being hosted on Fun Country. But we’re also diversifying the games! Meetup Games are being hosted on Fun Country regularly including Thursday evening’s M.U.G. with cast members from the hit show Survivor.

This is the magic of Fun Country; connect with your community in real time through video and audio poker games! Imagine the thrill of going head-to-head with your favorite streamer and feeling like you're in the same room. Poker in bathrobes anyone?

Shouts to Big Brother Canada Winner, Pro Poker Player and Twitch Streamer @Jon_Pardy for an amazing online meetup game experience! 

Keep sharing your favorite Fun Country moments - we love to RT, and you may even be featured in a future Shuffle! 

💡 10 Tips on Growing Community

As we close out 2022, this is the perfect time to celebrate your community and all you’ve achieved this year. 

This week’s Tip: Have Fun 🎲

Fun comes in all shapes and sizes. Photoshop contests, Twitter raids and .gif dance parties can be low-key big energy events. Focusing your community on shared experiences where they can revel in their individual identity and collective member identity is even better.

With a number of holidays being celebrated across the globe, there are plenty of opportunities to host an event and connect with your community. Even if you’re not putting on events, take time to connect with your team, acknowledge their work, the success, and set the stage for a great start to 2023. 

🎙️ Perfect Pair Podcast

This week the Perfect Pair Podcast welcomes Twitch streamer GutzyAiden! Aiden and host Gillian Epp put a strong emphasis on content over everything - connecting with an audience to deliver value through entertainment and education.

Aiden and Gillian go deep on building community and adding value. Aiden went from selling mousepads to building an audience that is inspired and entertained by his content. He went from under 100 viewers per stream to selling out drops in a day by figuring out how to be authentic and transparent with a growing audience.

00:20 What's the magic with mousepads? | 06:35 Going into building community and adding value | 19:05 Missteps and lessons along the journey | 24:20 How GutzyAiden engages with his community | 27:35 Takeaways on how to create and engage with a community | 41:25 Two truths and a lie - can you guess the answer?

After checking out the episode, you can find GutzyAiden streaming on Twitch. 

🎯 Be a Part of the Fun Country Team! 

Did you miss the news? We are growing the Fun Country team by adding Game Managers. Game Managers work closely with the Fun Country community and are able to earn SOL or ETH for creating and hosting multi-project collaborations. The focus for new Game Managers is identifying and onboarding new partner communities to participate in large collab poker tournaments. 

If you are interested in the opportunity, submit your details here including your background, community involvement, and what motivates you to go out and organize tournaments. 

To see the full requirements and expectations, please read the Announcement in Discord.

We are always looking for great projects to learn from, host on Fun Country, and collaborate with! If you’re a community manager, get in touch with us on Discord.

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