The Weekly Shuffle: 11/4/22

Your community feels like home - now you can make your Fun Country community page look like home, too. Customize your group avatar and cover, available now!

Marianne Chronister
Nov 4, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 11/4/22
November 4, 2022

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What’s Inside

  • Customize Group Avatar & Cover
  • Tweet of the Week
  • 10 Tips on Growing Community
  • Raffles and Seasons Updates
  • Threaded Thursday

📸 Customize Group Avatar & Cover

Set the vibe for your community games by uploading a custom group avatar & cover image. Group admins can now change the default images on the group settings page. 


Check out the new art we whipped up for the Citizen’s group! Show us your customized group pages on Twitter - we’ll give it a RT 🤝.

📣 Tweet of The Week 

We’re hosting massive Multi-Community Tournaments including two this week! Prize pools are growing right along side the total number of entries, so stick to Twitter and jump into our Discord for all the information. 

💡 10 Tips on Growing Community

We’re in the midst of a 10 week run where we share a new tip for community managers looking to build a more engaged community. 

This week’s tip: Welcome like a Cet 🐱

It all starts at the front door. When someone joins your community, you need to ensure they are met with a dopamine rush of welcoming messages, in a way that is organic and consistent with your community goals and values.

People join new communities every single day, but there will only be a few choice groups that they come back to regularly. 11 times out of 10, users return to the  communities where they feel at home and have the opportunity to forge genuine connections.

Nobody says welcome like Cets on Creck. New community members who hold a Cet, verify on their Discord, and say hello in the #creck-house instantly have their notifications blown into the hundreds, being welcomed with open paws by every Cet that is online.

That welcome wagon won’t work with everyone, but finding the right way to welcome is a key to developing community continuity from jump street. Creating a welcoming environment that is consistent with your great community goals is powerful. Now, no one will want to leave. 

🎟️ Raffles and Seasons Update

The third Fun Country season is well underway, and we have a solid group at the top of our leaderboard! 

A close group from 2-9, but more than 200 players have entered the Seasons standings across our first two competitions. We are only three days into the newest season, so there is still plenty of time to participate and move up the Season Three board! The first two Season winners posted impressive point totals, but even more impressive as the run to the top has been in Season Two; both Seatrash and MetaBabe are targeting another Top 5 finish! 

We update the standings with the previous day's results each day and send an update in the #poker-seasons channel in our Discord!

Threaded Thursday

Last Thursday, we took to Twitter and went deep on collaboration, underlining our commitment to building the right way and sharing our insight and experience with the whole Fun Country community. We know that many hands make light work, and that is one of the reasons we continue to highlight collaboration as a key to successful community management. 

If you missed the thread, check it out now and share it with your community. You never know who is watching, waiting for an opportunity to work together. 

Need an idea for an easy collab that your community will love? Come join one of our Multi-Community Tournaments, hosted by Fun Country and featuring prizes from the communities involved. Join Discord for more information directly from our community and collaboration teams.

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