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The Weekly Shuffle: 11/18/22

We’re continuing to support hosts by beefing up our moderator features. Plus, we’re bringing you more MTTs & collabs every week - don’t miss ‘em!
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What’s Inside

  • Spread the Moderator Love
  • Tweet of the Week
  • 10 Tips on Growing Community
  • Raffles and Seasons Updates

🤝 Spread the Moderator Love

As tournaments continue to grow, hosts may find that they need some extra sets of 👀 and 👂 to effectively monitor a large number of tables. Now, hosts can delegate moderator privileges to additional players, both from the tournament lobby page and from the table view. 

Players who are given moderator privileges will have access to kick, ban, and mute audio/hide video as needed to help keep the tables running smoothly. The addition of the admin controls to the lobby page also enables mods to kick/ban players prior to the tournament starting. Don’t let the new found power get to your head! 

📣 Tweet of The Week 

Get ready for more poker, more prizes, and more frenz. We’re going to be increasing the number of Multi-Community and partner games in the coming days. Pay attention to our Twitter for tournament announcements, and be sure to jump in the Discords to stay updated on our schedule. 

Shouts to the shouts! Thanks to MetaBabe for sharing the win coming out of the collab tournament with Sol Killer Bunnies! 

Keep sharing your favorite Fun Country moments - we love to RT, and you may even be featured in a future Shuffle! 

💡 10 Tips on Growing Community

Last week we took a moment to take a break – by covering the importance of recharging as a Community Manager. This week we’re coming back strong and evaluating the Community Manager’s role in a hiring plan. As communities grow, CMs can often be tasked with more and more work. Every community manager is expected to have some level of engagement with social media management, alpha chasing, hosting Town Halls, leading raids, and more. It’s key to have a plan for bringing on and onboarding new team members who are ready to step into a more prominent role and support your CMs. 

This week’s tip: Grow Your Team

At least once a month, pull your team together to review responsibilities for positions within your community. Determine if you have the right people, and right number of people, working in the right roles. Keep a list of highly engaged community members, and remember to keep direct open communication with them. 

This will help active community managers identify community members who are willing and able to share their expertise and energy, taking on community moderation, social media amplification, and welcoming duties for new members.

Recognize and appreciate those contributions in a meaningful way, elevating those members within the community to maintain a consistent atmosphere and focus on your community ethos. 

🎟️ Raffles and Seasons Update

Can’t believe it’s already Season Four. The Leaderboard continues to run live updates each day, so be sure to check your place if you don’t see your name among the very top. 

We update the standings with the previous day's results each day and send an update in the #poker-seasons channel in our Discord!

We are always looking for great projects to learn from, host on Fun Country, and collaborate with! If you’re a community manager, get in touch with us on Discord.

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