The Weekly Shuffle: 11/11/22

Can’t stop, won’t stop - we’ll soon be hosting our biggest tourneys ever, with a new max of 400 players.

Marianne Chronister
Nov 11, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 11/11/22
November 11, 2022

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What’s Inside

  • MTT Limit Increased to 400 Players
  • Mute/hide video for other players
  • Tweet of the Week
  • 10 Tips on Growing Community
  • Raffles and Seasons Updates
  • Threaded Thursday

📈 MTT Limit Increased to 400 Players

The more, the merrier - when it comes to Multi-Table Tournaments, we’re not holding back. Recent performance improvements have enabled us to increase the registration cap to 400 players. So bring on the collabs, raids, and fierce competition. 

Since our MTT feature is still in the closed alpha phase, contact our team on Discord to partner with us and get a tournament scheduled for your community! And remember, you can join our daily hosted MTTs by checking the #daily-games Discord channel. 

🙉 Mute/hide video for other players

If another player’s audio or video is distracting, you now have the ability to toggle those off (just for yourself!). Hover over a player’s username to access the new User Controls menu with these options.

📣 Tweets of The Week 

This week has been a good reminder that we all need some AFK time

That’s it. That’s the Tweet.

We’re using’s tips to remind our community to find a healthy online/offline balance. You can find that resource right here.

While we highly recommend finding a healthy work/life balance, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still having fun while we’re at work. Shouts to SOL Killer Bunnies for vibing with us and leading the way for a massive Multi-Community Tournament this week. Appreciate your energy, fam!

💡 10 Tips on Growing Community

We’re in the midst of a 10 week run where we share a new tip for community managers looking to build a more engaged community. 

This week’s tip: Have Fun 🎲

We can’t ever lose sight of the best part of joining and building new communities - having fun! With so many projects already out there, attention is valuable, and the best way to engage and invigorate your community is to find something fun to do together.

If you’re not putting on events and facilitating ways for your community to connect and have fun, we can promise you someone else is. Give each community member a reason to check-in. Photoshop contests, twitter raids and .gif dance parties can be low-key big energy events. Focusing your community on shared experiences where they can revel in their individual identity and collective member identity is even better.

Connections don’t happen in a vacuum, and they likely will not happen unprompted, so take the lead and schedule games like poker and trivia where you talk a lot and play together. This allows you to get to know people on a deeper level, and have a laugh. A community that has fun together, thrives together.

🎟️ Raffles and Seasons Update

After nine days of Season Three, we are starting to see some separation at the top of our leaderboard! There are still plenty of games left which qualify for Season Three (nearly a whole week’s worth!) so get to the tables and Climb. That. Board!

Meanwhile, raffle winner nuforms dropped these 🔥 NFT prizes from our friends at @JellyeSportsNFT  and @InfectedMob via Twitter. Congrats on the double dub, nuforms!

We update the standings with the previous day's results each day and send an update in the #poker-seasons channel in our Discord!

🧵 Threaded Thursday

On Thursday, we took to Twitter to offer our support to the communities which have been most impacted by the recent fallout in the crypto space. As you know, we believe Solana is a builder’s chain, and we’re here for the long run. But many of our friends and collaborators have felt the impact of this market drop. 

We posted an article on Community Management and Mental Health which includes a number of resources for work/life and online/offline balance, the Discord Moderator Academy segment on Community Moderator burnout, and hotline numbers to share with community members in crises. 

The last few days have been exceptionally difficult for a lot of members of our community, and for communities across the web3 space. 

Sending you all ❤️ and support. 

If you missed the thread, check it out now and please bring it back to your community. You never know who just needs a gentle nudge to open up and seek some support. And a friendly reminder that you don’t have to wait until you’re struggling to tend to your mental health.

If you’re a CM and looking to help bring some fun back to your community after a tough week, please consider this your invite to join one of our Multi-Community Tournaments, hosted by Fun Country and featuring prizes from the communities involved. Join Discord for more information directly from our community and collaboration teams.

Zoom fatigue is real. Play games on Fun Country.