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The Weekly Shuffle: 10/14/22

You asked, we listened: additional moderator tools & group email preferences are now available!
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What’s Inside

  • New Moderator Tools
  • More Product Updates
  • Tweet of the Week
  • 10 Tips on Growing Community
  • Raffles and Seasons Updates
  • Perfect Pair Podcast feat @SidaldoNFT

New Moderator Tools

Keep your games running smoothly with our new moderator controls for game hosts and group admins. You can now kick a player from the table (move them to the observers panel) or ban someone from the game entirely. Keep in mind that kicked players are still observing the game and can sit back down if rebuys are available, while banned players cannot rejoin the game. 

Access all host controls by hovering over a player’s video/avatar and clicking the 3-dot menu button:


More Product Updates

We’ve made it easier to see where you stand during an MTT. Your ranking is now clearly displayed at the top of the sidebar, alongside how many players are remaining. 

You can also now manage your group email preferences! Head to your group settings to customize whether you want to receive emails for new games and/or game cancellations. 

Also included in this week’s release were more MTT performance improvements and various bug fixes. We see your feedback in Discord and other channels - keep it coming, and we’ll keep improving! 

Tweet of The Week 

Raffle stakes are going up, and we’re turning the reins over to our community to pick the next prize! Just mash the poll on Twitter to have your favorite community earn a place among our prizes.  


10 Tips on Growing Community

We’re in the midst of a 10 week run where we share a new tip for community managers looking to build a more engaged community. 

This week’s tip: Do Something Together

“If communities are about people coming together, one of the most important things you can do is create ways for them to keep coming together.” - Get Together

Online communities are incredible. They aren’t exclusively formed out of circumstance, because you live near somebody or because you all went to school together. Instead, people connect through a shared interest or goal. Regardless of how your community comes together or what its focus is, all communities share a common attribute that they are better when they’re doing something, anything, together!

Is there something that you can do with your community to help you achieve a particular goal? 

What is an activity you can do that is 10x more enjoyable in a group? 

A regular community calendar should be a part of any vibrant community and if you don’t have one on your roadmap it’s a good idea to consider adding one. In the current NFT ecosystem it can feel like you have to be engaging your community every minute of each day but having regular check-ins and community events are far more successful ways to create camaraderie. 

Start small, and build. But do it together.

Raffles and Seasons Update

And our first Season is heating up. Currently, JohnPaul is atop the board but there is plenty of time left and lots of poker still to play! 

That’s the top of the leaderboard but more than 200 players have entered the standings. If you’re playing in our Team-hosted games (now being offered three times a day, every day, every week) you can participate in our first Season. Good luck don’t forget we update the standings with the previous day's results each day and send an update in the #poker-seasons channel in our Discord!

Perfect Pair Podcast with @SidaldoNFT

SidaldoNFT plays heads up against Ace but his focus isn’t on winning, it’s about how you surround yourself with good mentors who can help you identify and stay on the right path. That is good advice, regardless of the stage of your journey as a Community Manager. Too often Community Managers are tasked with taking on too much responsibility too fast. Make it a priority to step back, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and identify someone in your communities who you admire for doing it the right way. While continuing to serve the community, work on establishing and building that relationship. The result will be rewarding for you, your mentor, and the community (or communities) you manage. 

The full show can be heard here, or jump to the key moments in this episode including  9:45 when he discusses the importance of community and building, and then again at 11:45 ruminating on mistakes made along his web3 journey.

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