🃏 Texas-sized hole cards: 4/29/22 Release

Adding to the list of things that are bigger in Texas (hold ‘em)

Marianne Chronister
Apr 29, 2022
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🃏 Texas-sized hole cards: 4/29/22 Release
April 29, 2022

Our headlining release feature addresses a top complaint from players - the video is covering up too much of my hole cards! We got right on that, with some other goodies sprinkled in too.

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🤯 A BIG upgrade to hole cards

Bigger isn’t always better, but this time we really think it is. Hole cards are much larger and now appear at the bottom of the game screen, instead of behind/on top of your video. Give your spectacles a break and enjoy the view!

🥇 Fresh new rankings design

The SNG rankings view now includes the # of rebuys per player (if rebuys were allowed in the game configuration), and the total # of hands played per player at the end of the game. Both the SNG rankings view and the cash game ledger got a facelift with a clean new design.  

🪄 Improvements to Create Game window

You’ll notice some subtle improvements to the Create Game window, including a fixed height with scrolling contained within the popup. For SNGs, the full blind schedule is shown without having to expand it separately. There is also new text at the bottom of the window informing the game creator that everyone in the group will be notified of the game.

🚧 Minor improvements & bug fixes

  • Moved pre-select action buttons above betting controls to prevent accidental action clicks when the betting controls appear for your turn.
  • Improved the appearance of cards and graphics for lower-resolution displays.
  • New users will have their time zone automatically selected (will no longer default to UTC). The list of cities is also expanded to be more comprehensive.
  • In-game sidebar now appears when there are only observers in the game.
  • Host and group administrators can now start the game from the observer panel.
  • Shrinking the browser window to small size no longer causes disconnect from the game.
  • In-game chat performance has been improved.
  • In scheduled game card, # of players in game and playing is now accurate for future games.
  • Multiple clicks on “Create” in create game modal no longer create multiple games.
  • When there are multiple winners, the best hand is now highlighted reliably.
  • Improved game feed wording regarding split pots.

🔮 Things we’re working on & known issues

You think the hole cards are big? Well, they are (literally). But just wait for some of the stuff coming next…

  • Redesigned player video cards.
  • More game customization options, including configurable late registration time.  
  • Improved game loading screen.
  • Improved game header, including game configuration information (speed, rebuys, etc).

🏆 Weekly community games

We now host weekly community games! All are welcome to join the fun on Wednesday & Friday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Details are posted on Discord in the # poker channel. Winners get bragging rights and a special Winners role in Discord!

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