Perfect Pair Podcast with Kyle Fischel

Ace chats with Kyle Fischl. Kyle talks about how he got into the game of poker, his past stories, his plan for the World Series of Poker, and his encounter with poker player and host Jamie Kerstetter. It's a Texas Hold'em showdown.

John Wallin
Jul 5, 2022
 minutes to read
Perfect Pair Podcast with Kyle Fischel
July 5, 2022

Kyle FIchel has a no-nonsense approach to playing poker and big sense of purpose on his journey, managing to keep a good sense of humor throughout.

It's not always easy to make a career out of poker, but good experiences start with good people and Kyle is open about the opportunities the increase in poker vlogging brought him. Always trying to build a positive atmosphere in the poker room, Kyle talks about how a $2/$5 meet-up game presented a great opportunity for Kyle to build experience and a bankroll.

Then the guys pose a big question: Should winning cash game players be happy about the proliferation of poker content? 

00:40 How Kyle Got Into Poker | 03:03 What Made Kyle Start Vlogging - A Contest? | 08:35 Biggest Wins in Cash Games | 11:21 Biggest Losing Day | 14:43 Is Vlogging good for the game? | 17:04 Kyle's Upcoming WSOP Journey | 18:45 Poker Celebrity Encounter - Jamie Kerstetter

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