Perfect Pair Podcast with Habibi from The Narentines

Before ever joining The Narentines, Habibi was part of a project that ran poker tournaments. When it was unable to continue, he took the lead on carrying over that tradition. Bonding over a game of cards is a core part of the

John Wallin
Aug 31, 2022
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Perfect Pair Podcast with Habibi from The Narentines
August 31, 2022

Community. Utility. The Art. The Narentines Habibi is heads-up against Ace and the pair discuss Habibi's three keys to a successful project.

Poker has factored heavily in Habibi's own journey and experience in the NFT space. He and Ace discuss the expansion of games playing a key role in successful community management, incentivizing positive behavior and The Narentines roadmap.

"Even the people who don't know how to play poker - you mention there's a prize involved and they'll go do the research!" - Habibi

From rugs to best practices, the duo agree that due dilligence can sometimes mean trusting your gut even if a project looks good on paper.

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00:40 Introduction } 04:40 Raffle and staking development | 5:30 How important is the community for a successful project? | 9:49 Using poker to engage your community | 14:08 Rugs and scammers in the crypto space | 16:15 How to look for a great project? | 19:35 Mistakes and lessons along the way | 21:00 Life wisdoms from Habibi

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