Perfect Pair Podcast with Brantzen Poker

Ace and Brantzen play heads up No Limit Texas Hold'em while discussing their poker and vlog journey, game selections, poker variance, and all things poker!

John Wallin
Jul 20, 2022
 minutes to read
Perfect Pair Podcast with Brantzen Poker
July 20, 2022

With more than 5,000 subscribers on YouTube, Brantzen Poker is one of the up and coming poker vloggers growing a dedicated audience of fans. While the content focuses largely on live cash games, where his excellent poker vlogs cover everything about his poker journey.

You can jump to your favorite section, or listen to the full show to hear about his biggest hands, best encounters and see the reaction when he rivers two pair to take down Ace!

00:30 What got Brantzen into poker? | 02:10 Brantzen's journey into vlogging. | 03:53 Brantzen's biggest win - 11-hour session! | 06:00 Future aspirations for poker and vlogging | 08:40 Brantzen's poker pro & celebrity encounters | 11:15 Biggest downswing and thoughts around that | 13:08 Moving up stakes and game selections | 15:35 Hendon Mob Aspirations?

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