Perfect Pair Podcast with Alex Duvall

Ace Poker goes heads up against Alex Duvall, but only one can leave the Fun Country No Limit Texas Hold'em table the winner!

John Wallin
Jul 10, 2022
 minutes to read
Perfect Pair Podcast with Alex Duvall
July 10, 2022

A quick game between Ace and Alex Duvall (aka @alexduvallin) still gives the guys time to cover a lot of poker strategy, test each others skill at Fun Country's live online poker table, and chase draws that never materialize!

Jump straight to your favorite section or listen to the full show to listen to their conversation evolve to discuss the saturation of poker content, finding their voice and plans for growing at the table and as content creators.

00:20 How Alex Got Into Poker | 00:59 What Made Alex Start Vlogging - Andrew Neeme } 02:52 Early Steps of this Creator Journey | 04:40 Biggest Wins in Tournament | 05:45 Biggest Losing Day | 07:45 Future Plans for WSOP 2022 | 08:45 Future Aspiration for the Vlog + Poker Goals | 11:10 Ace Poker's Future Goals

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