Perfect Pair Podcast with TasMarr from Solana Vegas Tour

Ace sits down with TasMarr from Solana Vegas Tour to "lose to a professional" but holds his own while sharing insight on creating a project that offers poker players and projects an opportunity to have a pro play for them in Vegas!

John Wallin
Sep 15, 2022
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Perfect Pair Podcast with TasMarr from Solana Vegas Tour
September 15, 2022

The Solana Vegas Tour is a ticketing project that affords holders the opportunity to take a trip to Vegas (the dream, baby!) but is primary a community-focused project that aims to offer a series of tournaments while helping their partner projects gain exposure within their existing community.

As TasMarr says, being involved in an NFT community can require a lot of blind faith, putting trust into projects which includes a degree of risk that many people are not well-suited to absorb. The Solana Poker Tour identified a need to provide additional assurance for their current and future community members. As a result of their desire to increase trust, SVT have been in discussion with Project Shield. Project Shield offers projects a verification process and potential holders. We're not advocating for this service, but they purport to offer more than a traditional Doxxing service by protecting / insuring mint cost on projects which they certify by:

  • Doxx all owners.
  • Set up multi signature wallets.
  • Project owners will need a sign off from a Shield member to withdraw funds.
  • Shield requires the project owners to submit a budget along with a road map showing the project’s viability using the minted funds.

This is an interesting evolution in the NFT space which can afford greater protection for community-driven projects, if done right. If you've had any experience with Project Shield, or other similar services, please be in touch with our team if you're comfortable sharing your feedback.

This episode focuses largely on SVT's project, roadmap and community rewards, but it's worth a listen for all community managers interested in hearing how a different kind of project moves from inception through collaboration and delivering on expectations.

01:20 Introduction | 04:07 How to win a trip to Vegas? | 09:08 Solana Vegas Club Main Event and trip to Vegas | 11:52 Sending pro poker players to play | 16:40 Key characteristics of good projects | 18:50 How TasMarr got into the NFT space

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