Perfect Pair Podcast with Sidaldo

Ace chats with @SidaldoNFT, the community manager at Noti Gang, the marketing advisor at Oak Paradise, an ambassador at Trust Labs, and an associate/mentor at Bell Studios.

John Wallin
Oct 13, 2022
 minutes to read
Perfect Pair Podcast with Sidaldo
October 13, 2022

A big heads up podcast featuring @SidaldoNFT heats up when the conversation turns to the value of community. Sidaldo drops his mantra "your network is your net worth" before expounding on the importance of surrounding yourself with people that can be good mentors, and help keep you on the right path.

The full rundown: 00:55 How Sid hop into the Solana space | 01:12 How to look for a good project and play an active role | 02:40 Top qualities of a project | 5:20 When Sid got into crypto and NFTs | 9:45 How important is the sense of community and building it? | 11:45 Mistakes along this journey and lessons | 15:30 Noti Gang's future goal | 18:19 How to stay away from RUGS | 21:20 Aspects of Oak Paradise / Noti Gang that sets them apart | 24:40 Final remarks

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