Perfect Pair Podcast with LordDucky

Duckz Wit Attitudes' LordDucky is chipped up and ready to play heads up against Ace. What starts with a friendly game gets extra juice when LordDucky flexes freestyle muscle to spit 1 of 1 bars.

John Wallin
Sep 28, 2022
 minutes to read
Perfect Pair Podcast with LordDucky
September 28, 2022

LordDucky and Ace talk about how community has lifted projects from the first steps to blue chip status, and is essential to anything growing in the NFT and web3 space. A slow mint which did not meet expectations left Duckz Wit Attitudes at a crossroads. Instead of waiting for the mint to sell out or close it early, the project leads elected to open the DAO with the existing holders and then put the immediate fate of their projects in the hands of the real ones who had already minted.

"You can have the dopest art, you can be the dopest dev, but if you don't have people supporting your shit you have nothing." -LordDucky

The results of empowering an early-stage project encouraged holders to stay with the project, and gave the community a direct role in determining if the project should keep the mint open and reduce the mint price. Jump in at 11:12 to hear about their decision to open the DAO early.

The full rundown on a quick edition of Perfect Pair: 00:40 Introduction | 08:20 How LordDucky got into the NFT space | 11:12 Cool initiatives in the community | 14:40 Future plans on the roadmap | 19:13 LordDucky Freestyling

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