Perfect Pair Podcast with House of Parlay

Earning three degrees, working for a number of non-profits and running for Congress were just a precursor to creating a project on the Solana blockchain. House of Parlay joins Ace to discuss NFTs, live poker and building a successful community.

John Wallin
Sep 9, 2022
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Perfect Pair Podcast with House of Parlay
September 9, 2022

House of Parlay is a dynamic poker-focused project with a deep commitment to building. A project is only as strong as it's community and Ace asks what the defining characteristics are for a great community manager in the eyes of House of Parlay. Their answer reads like a checklist for successful CM applicants across the top projects on Solana:

"Be super organized. There is so much stuff going on at once. If they can organize that information and make it deliverable to the folks coming in, that is one big [task] so folks always know what's going on. The other [work to prioritize] is being in the server as much as possible, engaging with these folks and encouraging them, creating comradery. Finally, the ability to be social and reach out to other projects." - House of Parlay

This week's conversation flows from motivation for starting the project to surviving a bear market, looking to identify an appropriate online venue for merging an online casino with cryptocurrency, and the long-term goal of building a meta Vegas. A multi-dimensional undertaking, House of Parlay stresses a strong focus on creating a culture of compliance to ensure that games can be played and enjoyed across the globe.

House of Parlay came with the fire, so listen straight through or jump to your favorite topic.

00:26 Introduction | 5:25 Early troubles and early days of House of Parlay | 8:13 Characteristics of a successful project | 10:05 Being active and engaged in the community | 12:03 Characteristics of a great community manager | 13:09 Future goals for House of Parlay | 14:59 How to play in House of Parlay16:15 | Most popular games on House of Parlay | 18:18 Other cool stuff!

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