💅 Major group makeover: 5/26/22 Release

The group homepage has clearer calls to action and more intuitive navigation. This is still the hub for your group’s games and social feed. And we didn’t stop there: action timer customization, relaxed show cards, and more.

Marianne Chronister
May 26, 2022
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💅 Major group makeover: 5/26/22 Release
May 26, 2022

Out with the old and in with the new - this week we’re serving up a full group experience redesign, with some added features sprinkled throughout.

If you’ve been following the chatter in our Discord, you know that we recently started rewarding engaged hosts and players with exclusive Fun Country tokens. Learn more here, and our very own CEO / Token Fairy, Amir, may slide into your DMs with the goods! 🧚

😎 New look, just in time for summer

Put on your shades, because it may take your eyes a minute to adjust to our fresh new style. Every aspect of the out-of-game experience has been upgraded. Here’s a quick tour of the highlights:

The group homepage has clearer calls to action and more intuitive navigation. This is still the hub for your group’s games and social feed.

Change of plans? Don’t sweat it - game hosts and group admins can now cancel upcoming games from the group homepage. All group members will be notified via email.

Past games have moved to the new Games page, where you can see game details and results. Live and upcoming games will show up here, too.

View all members of your group on the new Members page. Group admins can now remove members from a group here as well, so be on your best behavior. 😉

Experience it now on alpha.fun.country - and brace yourself for even more improvements to come.

🎯 Gameplay updates

Even with a heavy focus on out-of-game UI in this release, our obsession is still perfecting the poker gameplay experience.

Dead button rule

We cleaned up some issues with the dealer button and blind movement. When players are eliminated or stand up from their seats, we now adhere to the dead button rule to ensure that nobody skips blinds or pays twice for blinds.

Relaxed show cards

Now, players can show their cards at the end of a hand even if they had folded during the hand.

Configurable action timer

When creating a game, there is a new Action Timer setting that allows you to choose how long each player has to act when it’s their turn. The default action time is 45s (previously 30s), but can be changed to 15s, 30s, 60s, 90s, or 120s, so you can slow things down or speed it up depending on how your group likes to play.

Cash game buy-in limits

When creating a cash game, the host now configures min and max buy-in amounts. When sitting down at a cash game, the default buy-in you will be presented with is the minimum buy-in amount (but you can certainly buy in for more if you’d like!).

🚧 Minor improvements & bug fixes

  • Increased default showdown length to 9 seconds, and increased runout deal delay to 3 seconds.
  • Turn timer countdown no longer appears paused when a player navigates to a different tab/screen.
  • Added links to Fun Country Discord/Twitter in site header.

🔮 Things we’re working on

We’re extending the UI focus to the game experience next - so expect the glow up to continue. Other things coming soon include:

  • More improvements to betting controls
  • Game reminders
  • Recurring games
  • Better game pausing functionality

🏆 Weekly community games

We now host weekly community games! All are welcome to join the fun (and earn some tokens). Details are posted on Discord in the #poker channel. Check out highlights from past community games on our YouTube channel.

📣 We want your feedback!

Have an idea for a cool feature, or notice a bug we missed? Join our community on Discord and help shape our roadmap!

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