Community Spotlight: Froots

Community is the name of the game, but creating a strong, vibrant community can be achieved in any number of ways. Today we’re putting the spotlight on Froots who partnered with the Blocksmith Labs team as the first project ever to launch on that launchpad. Today @frootsnft boasts a strong community with plenty of momentum, but that momentum was hard-earned.

John Wallin
Aug 12, 2022
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Community Spotlight: Froots
August 12, 2022

A Lesson Learned

Early on, the Froots Discord was overrun with bots - the project itself reported over 15 thousand bots swarming Froots like so many flies - and the project leads wasted little time identifying the issue, being transparent about their concerns, and stating clear intentions to clean up the server.

“We know how annoying it is when you join a server and see that it's full of bots, or when you see projects complimenting themselves for reaching X amounts of members/followers when we all know half of it is fake. We don't fuck with that.” -Avast, Founder of Froots

A healthy Discord has been a particular priority for Froots. The project made a decision - critically citing their desire to provide a community which encouraged good mental health - to limit the ability and incentive to grind on their server. Froots elected to hide all chat channels except general, and announced they would only open chat for limited times, across all time zones, randomly. 

Not content to limit grinding, they further incentivized real engagement by varying the time chat was and at the end of every chat session awarded WL only people who they deemed to have been active in genuine conversations during that specific period of time. As a fun cherry on top, the varying (unannounced) length of the open chat included one final reward: the person who sent the last message of each session was WL.

So what happened next? They checked back in with the community. They listened to feedback, posted about what they were hearing, and validated that this incentive was being well-received. The Froots Team posted updates on their manual purging of bots and used the purge and rolling black-out of chat to codify a community of real, engaged, and incentivized members. Did this result in a Sell Out? You already know it did.

Is The Joos Worth The Squeeze?

The next phase of growth for this project is all about product. Froots’ innovative stacking / staking game of choice is giving WL and new holders the opportunity to pick one of eight different paths forward. This is product driving engagement in a different way than many projects which focus exclusively on art and simple staking. Froots has called this Joossy Plans but if you’ve ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure, this next phase of Froots will be a familiar sight.

Holders were encouraged to stay active in Discord and delist their Froots; those who did received airdropped Golden Straws and Joos. There is nothing innovative or unique in rewarding diamond hands, but creating a game element with multiple possible outcomes (and rewards) incentivized members to

By offering multiple options, providing the NFT holder agency and autonomy in picking pathways with different outcomes based on their own chosen path, Froots product has given the community a fun game to play together. This unique stacking/staking option has generated plenty of discussion in Discord and on Twitter as the community makes plans for their Froots. Cracking the Joos meta is just the latest example of engagement momentum.

Capitalizing On Momentum

Now the Froots team is growing, they are hosting weekly Spaces and recently started a weekly newsletter to respond to increased calls for updates and transparency. But at it's core this community remains focused and engaged around a healthy Discord. The project regularly reviews and revises the Discord channels to keep it fresh and focused and recently used Discord to launch Froots Friday, hosting a weekly event where every Froots holder is encouraged to post their Froots, post memes, and make noise on Twitter/Discord. Of course, there are rewards for the most active members.

From the outset, this project has been clear they are not faded by fudders or fluctuations in fp; their community has responded by engaging across multiple platforms and keeping a robust, authentic, 32,000 members in Discord with more than 27K on Twitter. What’s next? Maybe poker 😉.

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