Community Spotlight: Famous Fox Federation

Step into the Spotlight: Famous Fox Federation's Rafffles. Now established as one of the dominant forces in the Solana NFT ecosystem, Foxes have achieved growth and sustained success in part by offering individual holders and projects an easy-to-use raffle platform.

John Wallin
Sep 5, 2022
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Community Spotlight: Famous Fox Federation
September 5, 2022

The @FamousFoxFed is well known for innovative utility which benefits their own holders, but back in May when the project announced their raffling platform (sorry, raFFFling platform) they also created a tool for other community managers to use for building and strengthening their own communities. While the raffle is used by Foxes themselves, the Rafffle platform is open to anyone with a linked wallet and permits other projects to host their own raffles, offering their own verified NFTs as prizes, using those projects' own native (verified) token as the currency to purchase Rafffle tickets

The use case for native tokens is not always clear (and even less often fun!), but having a token can be a great way to incentivize community members to engage in activities with your project. Projects which create a token and pay out via passive staking are not new, but it can be boring - community managers can and should identify ways to better use a native token to build community ties. Staking in and of itself is a baseline utility which holders expect from a well-rounded project but using your token better - including Fox's Rafffles - will bring your community together, create a ritual use, and reinforce a sense of belonging.

Everything from raids, to trivia nights, to poker games to fan art can be rewarded with token drops. Creating immediate use for that token turns drops into anticipated events. Community managers who award those tokens in innovative, fun and connected ways reinforce a sense of identity within your community and afford community members the opportunity to engage across multiple platforms. All of that takes work from community managers, moderators and members. Having a simply platform for the final raffle removes a significant hurdle to using this community engagement tool.

The mechanics of raffles are simple: a holder links their wallet to the raffle platform, creates a ticket pool and a price per ticket. Interested punters purchase tickets using tokens and have a chance to win the NFT prize on offer. Community managers can take this same mechanic and gamify the experience by adding token bounties to community events; highly motivated and engaged community managers can even enhance and amplify the visibility of the community by launching a successful multi-day, week or month-long event series within their community that culminates with a large raffle offering multiple prizes. 

Using a raffle is not limited to a post-mint community engagement tool. Smart community leads use these same mechanics to create early engagement to build from the ground up. Long before the first ‘wen moon’ hits Discord, enterprising projects capitalize on @FamousFoxFed’s platform by offering white list / mint passes as prizes. Offering WL spots via a raffle can be a good tool to create visibility for your nascent project (and maybe raise some needed funds which can be used to fund additional prizes later on). This helps create the ritual cycle for your project - incentivize, engage, reward.

As you develop your project, raffles can evolve into a tool which facilitates collaboration with other artists and projects, creating opportunities for 1/1 auctions, challenges and other community-based, and identify-affirming experiences. FFF themselves use these raffles to ensure 1/1’s get into the hands of the community members who have invested time and energy into making this project a foxing success. That dedication to rewarding early supporters, active members and those who amplify your community (both internally and externally) solidifies connection for your members and offers an clear external identity for potential new members to connect with.

Communities do not have to regularly use the raffles to realize a benefit. Charity auctions, auctions for causes and special one-off raffles can be an important part of developing a community identity and shared purpose. As Community Managers, engage directly with your loudest holders to find out what their goals are outside of your roadmap. Identify individuals within your community that can share your work with a following of their own to help amplify your good works and raise the profile of cause you're supporting.

In launching their Rafffle platform, Foxes created a win-win tool which adds value to FFF holders, while affording smaller projects an avenue for immediate utility. This platform is intuitive and easy to use for busy community managers that need to focus their energy on community, making it a tool every manager should have in their arsenal. It's a big Foxing deal.

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