The Weekly Shuffle: 8/5/22

We’ve got your weekly fix of sneak peeks, product updates, and community highlights 👇.

Marianne Chronister
Aug 5, 2022
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The Weekly Shuffle: 8/5/22
August 5, 2022

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What’s inside

  • Group stats sneak peek
  • Easier wallet connect flow
  • MTT progress 
  • Community updates
  • Perfect Pair podcast
  • Tweet of the week

Group stats sneak peek 

If you read last week’s shuffle, you knew this was in the works. Now we’re ready to share the vision for our leaderboard & group stats page: 

Have your screenshot hotkeys ready - this feature will be live in just a few short weeks!  

Easier wallet connect flow

Connecting your Solana wallet is now easier than ever. New users will be prompted to connect their wallet as part of the improved account creation process. Existing users will see a prominent “Connect wallet” button on the top of their screen if they do not have a connected wallet. 

Why should you connect your wallet to your Fun Country account? We reward engaged hosts and players with exclusive NFTs and HOLDEM tokens, dropped directly in your linked wallet. It also enables you to use an NFT as your PFP. Fun Country does not hold your money or any secure information on our platform, so you can rest easy and rack up the fun rewards. 

MTT Progress

Multi-table tournaments are still our top R&D priority. Here’s what we worked on this past week: 

  • Completed remaining design elements
  • Continued backend implementation work 
  • Continued frontend implementation 

As we get closer to launch (late summer), we’ll partner with engaged community members who want early access before general release. If your community is interested, shoot us a line in Discord or reply to this email! 

Community updates

Big action was the theme this week with giant pots popping in every single Fun Country game. Chips were flying around the tables including this four-way pot with two sides going.

More communities are being repped at our tables every day, with new projects swarming Fun Country to flex. But the new community who turned it up the loudest this week was Flippin Rabbits who took time out of the meadow to shuffle up and deal on multiple tables. And the b2b (that’s bunny-to-bunny) connection is strong. 

Knuckle Bunnies were handing out whitelist spots for their approaching mint, plus a bit of SOL and this hopped up Bunny. 

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Perfect Pair Podcast

Marc from MDPoker is back from his first ever World Series of Poker. MD is quick to jump out to a quick chip lead against Ace while the two discuss Discord and community engagement. At 6:31, Mark reveals he was a community manager before shifting into poker content full time! 

01:00 How Marc got into poker | 03:10 Transition into Vlogging | 07:20 Favorite poker games, poker houses, and casinos, live poker experience | 10:52 Shoutout to Portland poker scene | 13:16 Games in Europe vs the states | 14:49 Home Games vs. Casinos | 16:30 Biggest Tournament Cash | 18:35 Future goals for poker and vlogging

Tweet of the week

You’ll forgive the indulgence, but this week’s TOTW is our new pinned tweet [thread]. We’re not going to post the whole thread here, but if you’re too busy minting the next project to moon you may have missed this bit of alpha.

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