🃏 4/1/22 Release: Host controls, SNG rebuys, and more!

Nope, not an April Fools joke.

Marianne Chronister
Apr 1, 2022
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🃏 4/1/22 Release: Host controls, SNG rebuys, and more!
April 1, 2022

For our fifth official release, we focused on highly requested features while continuing to squash bugs and improve the overall user experience. Read on for the deets!

🔇 Mute that guy! Host controls for player audio/video

Well well well, if it isn’t Thomas taking a work call during our game yet again. Now the game host can mute individual players’ microphones, as well as turn off player videos, to limit unnecessary distractions (or just to be a troll). Players can re-enable their own audio or video once they get it together (please get it together).  

💰 SNG rebuys during late registration

If you have ever lost all your chips before late registration ended, you were probably unlucky or maybe just really bad at poker. Either way, it would be nice to be able to rebuy before late registration ends. Now the host can set a max # of rebuys in the game settings while creating the game. Rebuys are only available during the late registration period.

🌟 Host flair throughout

It’s now clear who is hosting upcoming & scheduled games on the group homepage. During the game, the host is designated with a star badge next to their username. The host badge is also displayed in the rankings and game results views.

👋 Are you still there? Return to the table after inactivity

After two consecutive time-outs, players are considered inactive and will auto check/fold. Previously, there was no way to re-join the game and become active other than refreshing the page. Now, the inactive player sees a “Are you still there?” message over the table, with the option to come back and join the game.

⬉🖱️ Tooltips for in-game controls

It’s now more clear what various buttons control within the game thanks to new tooltips. Hover over the game sound, play/pause, microphone, and video buttons to see descriptive text.

🐛 Minor improvements & Bug fixes

  • Improved game speed/pacing by adding more time between hands to show cards when a player wins by fold. We also added a pause between stages (flop, turn, river) to show the action of the last player to act.
  • Fixed instances of incorrect ledger calculation in cash games.
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to showing cards:
  • Cards are shown with the correct shading based on the winning hand (either shaded or highlighted).
  • Show cards buttons are cleared when the game is paused.
  • Fixed inconsistent delay after showing cards. Now, a player showing cards should always add a delay of 7 seconds, with a 15 second maximum delay before the next deal.
  • Fixed bug causing shown cards to sometimes appear face down.
  • Improved caching - subsequent loads of the game are now quicker than initial load time.
  • When a SNG tournament has ended, the winner and player’s ranking will display over the table.
  • Group homepage sidebar now shows a max of 2 past or scheduled games, with the option to expand to see more.
  • Users can edit their local timezone from their profile page.
  • Timezone displayed in scheduled game emails now reflects the user's local timezone.
  • When the game ends, SNG game status box now appropriately displays “game over” and blind countdown timer and late registration timer no longer appear.
  • URLs sent in chat and feed posts are now clickable.
  • Fixed issues with video alignment.
  • Chip total animation no longer restarts when a player action is taken mid-animation.

👷 Things we’re working on & known issues

We are prioritizing your feedback, especially from those participating in our Alpha games. Bug fixes and core functionality continue to be our focus for now, with many more exciting features on the roadmap.

  • Option to leave the table and/or move to the observer section if allowed.
  • More improvements to bet controls, including the ability to pre-set action prior to your turn.
  • Improvements to game pause functionality.
  • Ability to change camera/microphone.
  • Chat/activity feed bugs, including inconsistent auto-scroll.
  • Various UI bugs & polish.

We want your feedback!

Have an idea for a feature we should put on our roadmap, or notice a bug we missed? Join our community on Discord and help shape the roadmap!

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