👀 3/7/22 Release: Observer Mode, Show Your Cards, and more!

Plus honing game play details & usability features

Marianne Chronister
Mar 7, 2022
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👀 3/7/22 Release: Observer Mode, Show Your Cards, and more!
March 7, 2022

Our third release packs a major punch, with some highly requested features and usability improvements.

But before we get into the nitty gritty, check out fun.country and get on the waitlist prior to our public launch!

Now, back to the 🥩 :

👀 Somebody’s watching me: Introducing Observer Mode

Have a group larger than 9? Want to hang with the crew without playing? We now support Observers on the game screen. Upon joining the game, observers’ videos now appear in the upper left.

Players can remain observers, or choose an available seat to move to the table and play the game. The more the merrier!

🙈 Muck or show? You decide!

Get some sympathy for that bad beat! Players have the option to show their cards at the end of a hand. The default is still to muck, but you can now choose to reveal one or both of your cards.

🛠️ Game play adjustments

We’ve been busy honing the details of the game play mechanics and settings to strive toward a best-in-class poker product.

  • “Enter” key can now be used to submit a bet.
  • SNG hosts can choose from standard, turbo, and hyper pre-set blind schedule types.
  • Only the game creator has the ability to start the game.
  • Players can join a SNG tournament late, within the first 10 minutes after the game has started.
  • New “ready to join” status for players who sit down during a hand.
  • Players must now post a blind when joining a cash game in a position other than the big blind.
  • Players must post missed blinds after sitting out.
  • After a hand ends, all players whose cards show will also have their hand description shown below their video (not just the winner).
  • Increased default buy-in amount for cash games from $20 to $100.
  • When viewing a completed SNG game, results are displayed in a game over screen (no longer showing dummy data).
  • Game sound and pause buttons have moved to the header.

🔑 Usability improvements galore!

This release includes lots of updates to enhance the overall user experience, including:

  • Users no longer have to re-auth video and mic each time they join the game.
  • The Chrome-only restriction has been dropped.  Users of Safari, Edge and Firefox are welcome to join in the fun.
  • On the mob homepage, games starting within 30 minutes are now highlighted with a “Soon” indicator.
  • Users can now leave a mob from the mobs list on their profile.
  • Mob creators can now delete mobs from the mobs list on their profile.
  • Users can edit their username and email on the account page.

🪲 Bug fixes & other minor improvements

  • Past games are now displayed in reverse chronological order (most recent first) on the mob homepage.
  • Eliminated SNG players are shown as “knocked out” in the rankings rather than a zero chip total.
  • For knocked out players, KO banner and 0 chip amount are no longer persistent below video.
  • Players’ actions are now correctly reset when a new hand is dealt.
  • When inviting players via email, no longer need to press Enter or (+) when entering a single email address.
  • Removed non-functional “Add to calendar” buttons.
  • Width adjustments to in-game sidebar are maintained each time the sidebar is closed/reopened.

🤔 Things we’re working on & known issues

We are constantly adding new items to our roadmap. Here’s a glimpse of some of the things we are starting to tackle next:

  • Additional flair/designation for game hosts.
  • Visual indication of who is speaking.
  • More improvements to bet controls.  
  • Ability to pre-set action prior to your turn.
  • Option to leave the table and/or move to the observer section if allowed.
  • Mob administration/settings screen.
  • Allow rebuys during SNG late registration period.
  • Ability to reschedule or cancel a scheduled game.
  • “Game Over” overlay is no longer appearing, but it will be back along with a new “start new game” button.
  • Face-down cards are showing in front of players who have sat out or been eliminated.

We want your feedback!

Have an idea for a feature we should put on our roadmap, or notice a bug we missed? Join our community on Discord and help shape the roadmap!

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