🍀 3/17/22 Release: Fun Country Rebranding, Active Speaker Indicator, and more!

Plus late registration timer and other improvements.

Marianne Chronister
Mar 17, 2022
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🍀 3/17/22 Release: Fun Country Rebranding, Active Speaker Indicator, and more!
March 17, 2022

🍀 You’re in luck, another release is live! 💰🌈

🎲 New name, who dis?

We’re not good at keeping secrets, so you’ve probably noticed by now that we’ve rebranded to Fun Country! Now, the Fun Country branding is consistent throughout the site and game experience. As part of this update, mobs are now called groups, but still function the exact same way.

🟢 Look who’s talking: New active speaker indicator

In a game with multiple participants, it’s sometimes hard to follow which player is currently speaking. Now, there is a green pulsing indicator on the bottom right of the video that makes it easier to identify the active speaker. This has been a highly requested feature that we hope improves the overall social experience!

⏳ Fashionably late: SNG Late Registration countdown

In our last release, we added a 10 minute late registration period for SNG tournaments. There is now a live countdown displayed in the upper right corner of the game screen so all participants are aware when late registration ends.

Game creators are also aware of the late registration period when configuring the blind schedule. In the future, it will be customizable!  

🐛 Minor improvements & Bug fixes

  • Updated table overlays reflecting the game’s status when not active (waiting to start, game paused, game over). We will be working on additional polish for these overlays, as they sometimes appear a bit too early and obscure the cards on the table at the end of a hand.
  • Fix to betting controls: previously the raise % buttons calculated the bet amount based only on the chips in the center of the table, ignoring current stage bets. Now they calculate based on the total pot amount.
  • Shortened deal delay when the hand doesn’t go to showdown.
  • Improved clarity of current player’s ranking with highlighting in the rankings view, as well as a more obvious display in the top right corner of a completed SNG tournament.
  • Cards no longer show in front of players that are not participating in the hand.
  • “Sit Out” button no longer appears in SNG tournaments.
  • Players are no longer able to join a SNG tournament that has ended, even if within the late registration window.
  • Visual update to create game and invite friends modals: added banner and improved group selection dropdown at the top.
  • Group members now get an email notification when a group is deleted. If a user is removed from a group, that user is notified via email.

👷 Things we’re working on & known issues

We are prioritizing your feedback, especially from those participating in our alpha release testing. Lots of exciting improvements to come!

  • Ability for players to mark themselves as active after a period of inactivity.
  • Option to leave the table and/or move to the observer section if allowed.
  • Ability to mute other players’ audio and/or game sounds.
  • Additional flair/designation for game hosts.
  • More improvements to bet controls.  
  • Ability to pre-set action prior to your turn.
  • Group administration/settings screen.
  • Allow rebuys during SNG late registration period.
  • Ability to reschedule or cancel a scheduled game.
  • Show cards buttons are overlapping with the Rebuy button in cash games.

We want your feedback!

Have an idea for a feature we should put on our roadmap, or notice a bug we missed? Join our community on Discord and help shape the roadmap!

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