2/3/2022 Release: SNG Tournaments, UI improvements, and more!

SNG continues to be our major development focus, with more features and polish to come.

Marianne Chronister
Feb 3, 2022
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2/3/2022 Release: SNG Tournaments, UI improvements, and more!
February 3, 2022

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First look at SNG Tournaments!

In addition to cash games, users can now create Sit & Go tournaments. Experienced poker players know that Sit & Go games are a popular and exciting alternative to cash games.  For those unfamiliar, Sit & Go is a tournament style game where blinds are raised at a predefined rate (every five minutes for example), quickly raising the intensity and stakes as time goes on!

This is a first look at the feature, and we have a lot more to add (and some bugs to clean up!), but we are excited to get it out there and get your feedback.

To get started with a SNG Tournament:

  • From your mob’s home page, click “Create Game”
  • Select “Tournament” and schedule your game. Mob members will be notified that a new SNG game has been scheduled.
  • When it’s time to join, click “Join Now”
  • Enable audio and video, then choose your seat to get started.

Improvements to user video design

In-game user video is now larger! And in response to your feedback, we have moved the username from below the video display to overlaying the video for a cleaner look. Expect more improvements in this area as we strive for a first class social experience!

Bug fixes & other minor improvements

Even with the focus on SNG this round, we squashed several bugs, including:

  • Game emails sent to the entire mob utilize BCC correctly
  • Improved clarity of error message when registering with an email tied to an existing account.
  • Login/register inputs no longer take up the full width of the screen.
  • Invite friends via email flow now functions appropriately.

Things we’re working on & known issues

In addition to further work on SNG and user video design, here is a short list of known issues and improvements on our radar:

  • Working on redesign of game activity feed/chat window.
  • Adding more animations throughout the gameplay.
  • Investigating occurrences of incorrect pot amounts, illegal bet sizing, and incorrect player rankings.
  • Winner’s chip amount briefly shows as zero after winning an all-in hand.
  • Clicking links within the game screen should not take the player out of the game without warning.
  • Game results screen is showing dummy data.

We want your feedback!

Have an idea for a feature we should put on our roadmap, or notice a bug we missed? Join our community on Discord and help shape the roadmap!

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